Opoponax is sweet, vibrant, edgy and unmistakeable in its aroma. Commiphora Guidotti is the accepted Commiphora/Myrrh type used in mainstream commerce under the name Opoponax.

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Though there are other Commiphoras, such as C. Erythrea, also called Scented Myrrh and Opoponax, it is C. Guidotti that yields the Opoponax essential oil we are accustomed to.

Both Commiphora Guidotti, known as "Hadi"", and Commiphora Erythrea, known in Somalia as "Hagar", are sold as Opoponax in the West. Though they are closely related trees, their scent profiles are very different and each stands out as a unique resin with a signature scent of its own.

While Commiphora Erythrea has great depth, mystique and complexity, Commiphora Guidottti is forthright and bold, lending a bright, crisp and fresh top note to perfume and incense blends with its unmistakable zest.


Opoponax is ruled Astrologically by the Moon as are its sisters C. Myrrha and C. Erythrea. In traditional Somali folk medicine, Opoponax is used to treat lower back pain and urinary tract issues. This is done by adding some resin the drinking water container and topping it up with fresh water when it gets low. The resin is not refreshed but left in the water for a period of days and untill the water no longer tastes or smells of the resin.. I do not know the dosage or the duration of the treatment and do not counsel anyone to try it.


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Beautiful and was delivered promptly. Everything was just as expected.

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The palo santo pieces and other incense resins I purchase from this shop are always fresh and smell incredibly amazing. This has become one of favorite shops for such purchases. You absolutely can't beat
the outstanding quality of their resins. Plus, the shipping is always remarkably fast. I can't recommend their products enough! Thanks again!

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Received product as described. Satisfied and will shop here again.

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All items shipped quickly and were high quality. I made a wonderful oil infusion using the white frankincense and labdanum resins. Smells divine!! I won't buy from anyone else on etsy when it comes to resins. Thank you!