Omumbiri Essential oil

Omumbiri Essential oil is distilled from the resin of Commiphora Wildii. It has a lovely sweet fragrance, reminding one of Frankincense rather than Myrrh though it belongs to the Myrrh family.

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Traditionally, the women of the Himba tribe in Northern Namibia collect and use the fragrant resin of Omumbiri to perfume themselves.
The resin is blended with Ochre and fats and applied to the skin and hair.

Commiphora wildii is processed at a community co-op facility that pays the women on the spot for their resins. Profits from the sale of the essential oil go back into the community.

Omumbiri resin is collected from the trees and ground without tapping or damaging the trees in any way, making it perfectly sustainable.

While Myrhh is often a bitter, thick, dark essential oil with a scent that conveys its potent bitterness, Omumbiri is translucent and mobile with a delightful airy, soothing, sweet citrus scent and a light, dry note of mint.
After dry-down, the top notes recede to reveal a soft, musk-like scent reminiscent of warm animal fur.

The aroma of Omumbiri Essential oil, like many other essential oils distilled from resins, will continue to mature, deepen and evolve with time.

This Essential oil is available in wholesale quantities. For details please get in touch with me here through the shop.


Materials: Omumbiri Essential oil, Commiphora Wildii, Essential Oil.

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Karolann (Ashburn, US)
So lovely, well packaged, fast shipping....

So lovely, well packaged, fast shipping.
This scent is very special.
Third order.
I really appreciate this seller and the unique, special offerings.

Destin (Ashburn, US)
I have been well-pleased with all the prod...

I have been well-pleased with all the products that I have purchased. They are responsive and provide guidance and/or information about products when I have asked. Excellent and thanx-you.

Merlin (Ashburn, US)
Great product! Smells like a mix of franki...

Great product! Smells like a mix of frankincense and sweet myrrh. Will be getting more.

Merlin (Ashburn, US)
Great quality but does smell like frankinc...

Great quality but does smell like frankincense

Jamir (Ashburn, US)
This review has no content.

This review has no content.