Mastic Chios Essential Oil

Mastic Chios essential oil is a clear, colourless and intensely fragrant liquid. Nothing has been added to it, and nothing has been removed.

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The high price of authentic Mastic Chios Essential Oil is due to the very small amount of essential oil available from the resin  However, the rush one gets from every little sniff of this amazing fragrance will, I believe, make this a prized treasure in every aromatic collection and make the cost seem inconsequential.

The aroma of this Essential Oil really is something!! It has the sweet-spicy herbaceous scent of fresh-cut honey-rich wildflowers, with a deep amber note. It is uplifting and stimulating without being harsh or hard-edged. Dry Black pepper notes weave through it, balancing the candylike-sweetness and adding dimension. It is vibrant, potent, heady and unique.

Mastic Chios Essential Oil is the pure essential oil distilled only from the very dear Chios mastic grown on the island of Chios Greece.
Most Mastic essential oil on the market is blended with the much cheaper Turkish Mastic or adulterated with inexpensive diluents. 
The real and pure Mastic Chios Essential Oil has a unique and intense fragrance that is unmistakable.

Chios Mastic is one of the best-known natural chewing gums in the West. and has a track record as ancient as Frankincense and Myrrh. Used extensively in the Mediterranean for medicine since the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece, Mastic is a mainstay of Mediterranean cooking, baking and the production of liqueurs,

Grown exclusively on the Greek island of Chios, Mastic resin production has been coveted by empires and conquerors. Controlling the supply of Chios Mastic has been a strategic consideration by invading armies for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Mastic is the original Old World chewing gum with the origin of its name rooted in mastication ie: chewing.

With traditional medicinal attributes ranging from digestive ease, fresh breath, stimulating the gums and appetite, removing plaque and refreshing the mind, Mastic has been used as medicine for thousands of years.

The unique aroma of Mastic Chios Essential Oil makes it valuable in both incense blends and perfume compositions.

Mastic is an integral ingredient in "Chrism," the sacred anointing oil of the Orthodox church.

Mastic has a unique and unusually sweet aroma which has made it a popular ingredient in confections, cakes, puddings and other traditional culinary delights of cultures all around the Mediterranean.

You can find the fragrant hydrosol of Mastic Chios in the shop.


Materials: Mastic, Pistacia Lentiscus, Chios Mastic Essential oil.

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Loulla Georgiou (Yateley, GB)

I thought I was receiving the oil and not the resin gum instead !

Mertie (Ashburn, US)
Sadly, the photo shows granules, and the i...

Sadly, the photo shows granules, and the item is actually an OIL, which is clearly stated. However, the photo is NOT the item. It is of high quality...for an oil...but not what I was expecting. I did not contact the Seller because the description is clear. My error.

C.P. (Ashburn, US)
This distilled oil is outstanding. I'm ju...

This distilled oil is outstanding. I'm just new to mastic and I'm totally taken with the resin and this distillation.

Charlotte T (Ashburn, US)
Everything is simply perfect! I am someone...

Everything is simply perfect! I am someone who enjoys using a lot but I don't need to because just a little bit of resin is powerful!
When my package came I was leaving my house so I grabbed it and it went in my car with me. Even unopened my car smelled like heaven for a week! I needed Dan's assistance with my order and he went over and beyond for me! I send Dan many wishes for all the goods ☀️

Season L (Ashburn, US)
Quality rare products, fast shipping. T...

Quality rare products, fast shipping. Thank you.