Storax Essential Oil-Amber & Honey Aroma with floral and fruity notes

Storax Essential Oil! Beautiful Amber, Honey and spice notes. Pure-Artisan distilled in-house from fresh resin. Storax Formosana. Blends beautifully with floral oils and Amber accords.

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Known for its grounding and calming effects, Formosa Storax has a lovely, warm honey-amber aroma with fruity, spicy, floral notes not present in Black Storax, giving it extra depth and vibrancy. Like its cousin Liquidambar orientalis, Black Storax, it has an amber-type aroma that is Balsamic, warm, sweet and spicy. It is both comforting and inspiring, warm and inviting.

This Storax does not have the sharp Styrene notes that distinguish our North American Liquidambar styractiflua resin. It has a lovely Amber heart and soft floral fruity notes that blend easily with most other essential oils.

Many experts consider Storax-Liquidambar the Stacte or "Nataf" of the Old Testament and one of the ingredients in the Holy Temple incense-Ketoreth

Formosa Storax Essential oil is perfect for preparing alcohol-based and oil-based perfumes as well as solid perfumes, balms, salves and more. It can be used to prepare incense papers or as a dip for blank incense sticks.
Liquidambar Formosana, Chinese Storax-Vietnam.


Materials: Storax essential oil, Formosa Storax, Liquidambar Formosana.

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C.P. (Ashburn, US)
A wonderful scent from my most trusted Ets...

A wonderful scent from my most trusted Etsy seller. Unique and fragrant

A. (Küsnacht, CH)
Best Benzoin note substitute for perfumery

I'm so glad I found this styrax essential oil because I can use it as a benzoin substitute in my perfumes. Benzoin comes in a resinoid format which is difficult to use in perfumes, it makes the perfumes sticky and hard to disffuse the scent, which doesnt happen with esential oils.
the smell is almost exactly the same as benzoin.

Abbigail (Ashburn, US)
Cant B E L I E V E the „ customer serv...

Cant B E L I E V E the „ customer
service ??!!!!!!!

Anna Emard (Ashburn, US)
Very fresh and spicy, vibrant uplifting sc...

Very fresh and spicy, vibrant uplifting scent. Wonderful.

Ora (Ashburn, US)
The cleanest and highest grade that i have...

The cleanest and highest grade that i have yet to encounter