Frankincense Dalzielii Oleo extract

Frankincense Dalzielii oleo extract is a skin & joint-loving infusion of Fresh Frankincense resin containing all the Boswellic acids naturally present in Fractionated Coconut oil.

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Frankincense Dalzielii resin has been used in Traditional medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years to address many health conditions.

Recent research confirms the therapeutic effectiveness of Boswellic acids found in some types of Frankincense.

The resin portion of the different types of Frankincense contains the Boswellic acids, NOT the essential oils as popularly thought. The essential oils of Frankincense do NOT contain Boswellic acids except in trace amounts. The Boswellic acids can be accessed by using fresh powder or dissolving the whole oleoresin in warm oil, alcohol or other solvents.

This is a golden oil with the characteristic sweet citrus/mint scent of Boswellia Dalzielii.
It is made with fresh Frankincense Dalzielii and Fractionated Coconut oil. The resin is powdered and processed gently in a warm water bath for a few hours to capture as much of the fragrance and resin-based compounds as possible. After the water bath, it left to sit and stirred daily for approximately a month and a half before it is filtered and bottled. No harsh solvents are used in the process.

It is produced Astrodynamically, a method of preparation based on the tenets of traditional plant Alchemy and medicinal astrology. Experience has shown that products made this way distinguish themselves with improved colour, aroma, shelf life and efficacy.

You can find instructions for making your own oil extract of Frankincense here-

This oil can be used as a base for a rejuvenating skin creme when blended with distilled water and emulsifying wax as per standard formulas or used neat on the skin as a massage oil.

Frankincense Dalzielii is one of 6 Frankincense types that contain Boswellic acids.

For more information on the healing compounds found in the different types of Frankincense and instructions on making your own products with frankincense, please see my post-

Materials: Fractionated coconut oil, Frankincense Dalzielii.

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Emmie (Ashburn, US)
Excellent quality product and superb custo...

Excellent quality product and superb customer service

Jean (De Forest, US)
The best for pain relief!

I use this Oleo for pain relief, mostly for arthritis, but it has even helped with inflammation from dislocated ribs and other issues the family has had. I like to use simples, so having something powerful like this is important. A great addition to any home remedy cabinet.

Sally Parker
What a lovely fragrance, five star servic...

What a lovely fragrance, five star service as always. Thank you

S Cummings
Repeat purchase. Very happy to have this o...

Repeat purchase. Very happy to have this once again!
Fast dispatch and delivery, as always.

Sharon Zemlak
Excellent quality. Seller with expert kno...

Excellent quality. Seller with expert knowledge. Highly recommend!