Royal Green Hojari Absolute

Royal Green Hojari Absolute, also referred to as a Resin Absolute, is a fragrant pourable, honey-like liquid that contains all the aroma and therapeutic compounds present in Frankincense Sacra, Royal green Hojari, i.e., both the essential oils and the aromatic resin, which includes the Boswellic acids.

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It has a broader fragrance profile than the essential oil alone and dissolves easily in alcohol and carrier oils.

Royal Green Hojari Absolute, blended with a few drops of carrier oil, unlocks its fragrance and creates a lovely oil-based perfume for personal wear. This simple combination makes a quick and easy "On the run" personal perfume.

The possibilities for formulating with this product are endless!

This versatility makes it ideal for preparing both alcohol and oil-based perfumes and therapeutic and cosmetic products that benefit from the action of the Boswellic acids.

Royal Green Hojari Absolute can be dissolved in alcohol and blended into incense blends, providing a sweet, clean, burning aroma profile with no charring, as is found when using the whole Frankincense oleo gum resin.

It is produced using food-grade alcohol alone. No harsh chemical solvents were used in the extraction process.

After macerating at a controlled temperature for 6 weeks, it is filtered to remove all solids, such as gum and bark. I then gently evaporate the liquid in a low-temperature vacuum to remove excess alcohol while retaining all the aromatic compounds.

It contains the whole spectrum of the sweet Royal Green Hojari aroma, which is broader, deeper and richer than that of the essential oil.

Royal Green Hojari Absolute acts as a fixative and heart note in perfume compositions and formulations, anchoring more fleeting and volatile scents and is useful in incense-making as a binder and an aromatic ingredient since it burns clean and sweet.


Materials: Alcohol, Frankincense Sacra, Royal Green Hojari.

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Florida (Ashburn, US)
More delightful products from a true artis...

More delightful products from a true artisan.

Shawna (Ashburn, US)
Like all its products, the quality is noti...

Like all its products, the quality is noticeable.
Fast shipping.
Thank you.

Gudrun (Ashburn, US)
Excellent! Smells lovely. Fast shipping

Excellent! Smells lovely. Fast shipping

Andrea Pacocha (Ashburn, US)
Absolutely amazing item!! Honey like consi...

Absolutely amazing item!! Honey like consistency. The smell is heavenly and refreshing!! Will be buying again

Gregory Wilson Herzog (Ashburn, US)
A beautiful product. Exceeded my expectati...

A beautiful product. Exceeded my expectations.