Frankincense Serrata

This Fresh harvest of Frankincense Serrata resin is full of beautiful Green and amber tears. The fragrance is stunning and fills the house! It has a glorious spicy-sweet smell that immediately distinguishes it from all other types of Frankincense.

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We have not had Frankincense Serrata resin in the shop for over a year because the only grades I could find were of a quality I couldn't sell in the shop. Some looked terrible and were made from low-grade material processed into tear-like lumps; another batch must have been sitting in plastic barrels and had absorbed an unpleasant aroma. Some I could return to the sellers, and one shipment had to be returned to the earth with a thank you.

Boswellia, or Frankincense Serrata, is likely one of the world's most well-known and most-used types of Frankincense. Also called Indian Olibanum and Salai in India, its traditional medicinal uses are well recorded.

Used extensively for hundreds of years in the Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda, Frankincense Serrata is considered an NSAID (or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), causing little to no side effects or irritation compared to steroidal drugs. I cannot mention the therapeutic properties of my raw materials here for legal reasons so I encourage you to explore and research the wealth of health benefits that studies worldwide have shared with us.

Many of the therapeutic properties are attributed to its Boswellic acid content, compounds it shares with 5 other species of Frankincense.

Growing from India up through Punjab and into Pakistan, Frankincense Serrata is used extensively as an incense and incense ingredient in local rituals and ceremonies. It's distilled essential oil has a warm amber-like spicy fragrance that acts as a heart-to-base note in perfume blends.

Frankincense Serrata is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. Extracts and capsules of B. Serrata are widely available on the market and commonly found on health food store shelves.

Like most types of Frankincense, when burned as incense, it helps cleanse a space and create a sense of sacredness. Frankincense is ruled by the Sun from an astrological point of view, is calming to mind and heart, helps raise one's spirits, and is said to generate heightened feelings of spirituality and well-being.

To learn how to make a traditional Frankincense tea from Frankincense Serrata tears, please see my post-The many benefits of Frankincense Tea

For information on using Frankincense Serrata for incense, cosmetics and medicine, please see my blogs at

Materials: Fresh Boswellia Serrata, Frankincense serrata.

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Eudora (Ashburn, US)
My items arrived very quickly, thanks for...

My items arrived very quickly, thanks for accommodating to my request! I'm in love with this shop, everything is fantastic, smells heavenly and of superb quality! Thank you very much for the generous sample as well. I'll definitely be back to purchase more!

Lianne Bowman (Redding, US)
Beautiful tears!

Fresh and smells amazing.
I very much appreciate the information. The tea is wonderful!
I bought three different types and each one smells and looks delicious. Thank you!

Ashtyn (Ashburn, US)
Quality with this chop is always a pleasan...

Quality with this chop is always a pleasant experience!

Ashtyn (Ashburn, US)
First time buying this resin and l'm more...

First time buying this resin and l'm more than happy beautiful smell quality 300% thanks ☺️

Gabriel Laracuente (Schenectady, US)

Ended up distilling this resin recently, and the aroma is VERY in your face (in a good way). I never smelled a sweet and yet spicy anise as I have with this resin! I’ll be purchasing again in the near future.