Madagascar Elemi Resin extract

Madagascar Elemi resin Extract is the very aromatic pure resin of Madagascar Elemi after hydro-distilling its essential oils. It is still intensely fragrant and perfect as an ingredient in solid perfumes, salves, cremes, cosmetics, incense blends and moustache wax recipes.

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It is a finely ground powder and dissolves readily in warm carrier oils in the water bath.

After distillation of the essential oil of Madagascar Elemi, (which you will find in the shop, the spent resin or Madagascar Elemi Resin Extract is ground, sifted and dried twice before it is ready for use.

It is perfect as an incense since there is no water-soluble gum content, it burns cleanly with no charred odour and can be used as a premium ingredient in loose or formed incense.

Madagascar Elemi resin Extract has the intense heart of fresh Elemi resin. Though we often assume all the scent in our aromatic plants is found exclusively in their essential oils, resins have taught me that they, too have their own aromatic life and often double as fixatives, anchoring other fragrances.

I have found that most tree resins have an affinity for our skin. This could be attributed to the resin's function of healing the skin of the tree, but regardless of the reason, resins mixed with a carrier oil leave the skin feeling soft, supple, smooth and just happy.

Since it is still intensely fragrant, little is needed to make salves or cremes for skin care. A ratio of 1 part resin to 10 parts carrier oil creates a lovely aromatic and skin loving oil which can also be used as the oil phase of oil/water cremes.

A Moustache or beard wax performs the same as fresh oleoresin, giving great hold and shaping power while "perming" facial hair to the desired shape and lending a distinguished Elemi fragrance.

In rejuvenative cremes, Madagascar Elemi resin Extract delivers the traditional anti-ageing and skin toning properties associated with Elemi. Much more so than the essential oil alone.

To use this product in a moustache wax recipe,, see my post, "


Materials: Madagascar Elemi resin extract, Canarium Madagascariensis.

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Debbie Kautzer (Ashburn, US)
Beautiful and smells amazing. Thank you fo...

Beautiful and smells amazing. Thank you for offering this.

The Alchemist's Wife West (Ashburn, US)
I love this extracted into oil for skin. I...

I love this extracted into oil for skin. I also like the floral woody notes in it, definitely more base than the essential oil. Fast shipping, great product, thank you so much!

Debbie Wilkinson (Ashburn, US)
Great product, can't wait to create someth...

Great product, can't wait to create something wonderful with it.

Jen Dickinson
The most fragrant incense powder! Beautifu...

The most fragrant incense powder! Beautiful billowing smoke that fills the room with delightful smells. Very uplifting!

Kristen Hahn
Great company, incredible products, fantas...

Great company, incredible products, fantastic service. Thanks so much for the wonderful resin samples!