Bushman's Candle Extract

This listing is for the fragrant extract of Bushman's Candle in 95% food-grade ethanol.

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It is produced it by macerating the powdered fresh bark in alcohol at a ratio of 1 to 3 for 8 weeks.

An Absolute can be made from the extract by evaporating the alcohol gently in a shallow dish, covered with a cloth for a few days.

Bushman's Candle extract has a unique, pleasing, dry, sweet Amber/ Caramel scent that finds use in perfume formulas and Amber accords. It can be easily blended into incense compositions and lacks the burnt wax scent that the powdered bark delivers on the coal.

Bushman's Candle is the fallen bark from the desert succulent Sarcocaulon mossamedense, a member of the Geraniaceae family found in Namibia and Southern Angola where it grows in mainly coastal areas in grit with little water and lots of sun.

When a part of the plant dies, the soft interior decomposes over time leaving behind fragrant hollow sleeves of bark.

The bark is made of a waxy resinous material that weathers the harsh desert climate for many years.
The Himba tribe of Namibia traditionally uses the bark to add a unique aroma to the wild game that is smoked over the fire.

The bark will ignite and stay lit much like a candle which gives this material its colloquial name.

Bushman's candle can be powdered and used directly in incense blends though it is more common to make an alcohol tincture of the powdered bark, which separates the aromatic resin from the waxy base.

Bushman's candle has a beautiful Amber scent that is rich, sweet, warm, woody and tenacious.
It bolsters and deepens Amber accords and finds its way into all types of perfume.

My Namibian supplier assures me this product is sustainably sourced and only fallen pieces are collected.


Materials: Sarcocaulon Mossemedese, 190 Proof Alcohol.

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Melvina (Ashburn, US)
Absolutely beautiful smell. I love it!

Absolutely beautiful smell. I love it!

Jason Wunsch (Ashburn, US)
Amazing scent. I got lazy and didn't feel...

Amazing scent. I got lazy and didn't feel like making my own. I can't get enough of this...

Adam Marquardt (Ashburn, US)
Smells surprisingly similar to frankincens...

Smells surprisingly similar to frankincense! I really enjoy this!

A Nitzsche (Ashburn, US)
Fantastic quality as always. Great seller!

Fantastic quality as always. Great seller!

Leslie Cremin
Smells wonderful. Thank you very much for...

Smells wonderful. Thank you very much for filling my order so quickly!