Absolutely Frank Moustache Wax

Absolutely Frank Moustache Wax is a pure Frankincense Resin Beard and Moustache wax made with the sensuous "Black" Somali Frankincense.

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I LOVE this wax! It is made from the pure resin absolute of Black Somali Frankincense and projects its sensuous, Amber-honey scent throughout the day.

It goes on smooth but with a great tackiness that is excellent for the twirls and embellishments of moustache tips. It makes a great "taming" wax for the inevitable beard strays that have a mind of their own.

Absolutely Frank Moustache Wax goes on smooth without any pulling and due to its high resin content, it acts as a perming agent. This means if you apply it once or twice, your twirls will keep their shape through the day even though there is no sign of the wax.

The Absolute of Frankincense is a pure extract and essence of the resin and essential oil portion of Frankincense tears.

It is made by dissolving raw Frankincense tears in pure alcohol, then put through a fine filter to separate the non-aromatic compounds. The alcohol is then evaporated to create an "Absolute" of Frankincense which is a crystal-clear, honey-like liquid that contains all the fragrance and all the resin compounds of Frankincense.

Absolutely Frank is a limited edition and one-off production. It is neutral in colour and works well with all shades of whiskers.

How to use:

Scrape or scoop a lentil-sized amount out with the back of a fingernail, (some people use the rim of the lid for this), and warm it without rubbing between fingers before applying. Apply to the tips and with fingertips, brush against the exterior of the beard to collect stray hairs and "frame" the beard to the desired form.

This Moustache wax blends seamlessly with beard oils, so the amount of hold and tack in your beard can be adjusted to your liking by adding more wax for firmness and more oil for volume. This wax/oil blend can be brushed or combed through to shape and set your style.

Materials: Beeswax, Lanolin, Coconut oil, Frankincense Absolute, Black Somali Frankincense, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Wilburn (Ashburn, US)
This is a great wax. Very waxy so require...

This is a great wax. Very waxy so requires something to scrape out from tin but easily warms up by rubbing between fingers. Smell is amazing - solid Frankincense - and great for beards and mustache.

Marcel (Ashburn, US)
The wax is top quality. The wax brand th...

The wax is top quality.

The wax brand that I usually used (canyouhandlebar) no longer sells (at the time of this review) the primary wax I used to use daily. I was looking for a replacement that had the same hold and stiffness. I went through a handful of other wax brands and have been disappointed in how thin and weak of a wax is typically advertised as a strong and stiff hold.

This wax (Absolutely Frank) is excellent. It met all of my needs for a mustache wax and the fragrance is great. I would recommend this wax to anybody who requires a wax that will hold all day long and is easy to apply. Great product. I will be ordering again in the future.

Damon (Ashburn, US)
Great product and fast shipping.

Great product and fast shipping.

Callender Crona (Ashburn, US)
Dan's got another winner here! The quality...

Dan's got another winner here! The quality of both the wax as a whisker-tamer as well as the beautiful fragrance of the frankincense are incredible. I'm a longtime user of Apothecary's Garden Beard & Mustache Wax, and now that my full beard and mustache are back for good, I won't use anything else.

Rochelle Willms (Ashburn, US)
Awesome. I bought 1 tin for my bff's epic...

Awesome. I bought 1 tin for my bff's epic mustache, and one for myself. I use it as a semi permanent eyebrow wax and also on my eyelashes. They stay curled 24-36 hours instead of just 6.