Abyssinian Twirling Wax

A superb Moustache wax

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Abyssinian Twirling Wax is a moustache wax with excellent hold and styling properties. This is a heavy duty wax and performs best in hot or humid conditions. I personally use it daily in the summer, but when temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius outside, I turn to one of my medium weight and softer waxes. (See my Lanolin Spruce Moustache wax, and my Babylonian Beard dressing which is a light weight wax).

All Natural 

Abyssinian Moustache Wax is all natural and made with fair trade Frankincense Frereana, (Maydi) from Somaliland. It blends the natural Frankincense fragrance with the honey tones of fresh beeswax, the chocolaty warmth of Cocoa Butter, and a hint of musky Lanolin.

Resins have a perming effect

Moustache waxes made with resins such as Frankincense, have the ability to not only hold hair in place for extended periods of time, but they train and "perm" facial hair in whatever form you desire. This leads to styling that requires less wax for hold, and contours that look easy and natural. The Lanolin helps keep hairs soft, supple and nourished, while the Cocoa Butter reduces hair pulling during application.

Abyssinian Twirling wax can be especially useful when transitioning from a closely trimmed moustache to a full moustache and helps one avoid the sometimes messy in between stage.

Applied with a heavier hand it is perfect for freestyle designs and elaborate gravity defying expressions.

It has excellent hold and endurance through hot humid summer conditions, smells wonderful and will easily style the tightest turns, twists, and handlebars. It works just as well on short moustaches as large elaborate creations.

For more subtle shaping, larger or bushier tracts of facial hair, a small amount warmed on the fingers, lightly brushed through the beard will accentuate waves or ripples in a long beard, give an expansive beard shape and cohesiveness without making it look stiff or forced. Use sparingly on beards.

If you would like to try making something similar, you can find the recipe here
With these recipes you can easily improvise and explore different ingredients and proportions to tailor a grooming wax to your own unique needs.
---------------------------What customers have said about this product-------------------------------

"Your Abyssinian Twirling wax is far superior to anything else out there on the market. I ordered a 2 oz tin after a couple of uses on my first tin. Being honest about it, I'd say your wax is in the top 3, being the highest, the others being the Firehouse Tacky and Rex Wax. But I'd say both of those are a far second and third to the Twirling Wax. Keep up the good work.
Sam G."

"The superior resin blend in Apothecary's Garden Abyssinian Twirling Wax can keep the Imperial pointed and indestructible for three days here in temperate spring weather (early March, upper 80's). This wonderfully named styling wax already outperforms the common drugstore brand and has an intriguing aroma that makes attractive people lean in closer. It shows every promise of being able to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous Phoenix summertime temperatures. Well done!"

-What Great product, best yet for hold, great base notes from the frankincense, need more.

-This is an amazing wax! I have caught myself sniffing my moustache just for the wonderful smell. As Dan has written in the description, it is a heavy-handed wax but with the right tools and patience, it works wonders. The tin is properly sized to easily fit in your pocket. And did I mention the smell? Amazing! Excellent product from an excellent seller. I can't say enough.

-"I have tried five very good waxes but this one is exceptional! Holds up in heat, goes on nice and DOESN'T bead up in stache!!! A+ product and customer for life."

-Awesome Wax Great Hold for your stache and smells amazing

"Shipment arrived safely. This wax has spectacular hold smells great too."

"Excellent Styling Wax, the most suitable i tried for our hot summers!
Transaction was smooth and shipment fast, Thanks a lot, תודה רבה"

Materials: Frankincense Frereana, Maydi, Frankincense Rivae, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Lanolin, Beeswax, Bees wax.

Customer Reviews

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Michael (Ottawa, CA)
Excellent hold and great natural scent

A stronger-holding moustache wax with good perming ability. The scent is mostly of zesty, slightly bitter frankincense.

For all-purpose go with one of the others, but in hot, humid weather this one is a must.

Sterling (Ashburn, US)
Good smell, easy to use and has a strong h...

Good smell, easy to use and has a strong hold.

richard d
resin for the win

This is my favorite wax. The resin actually gets rid of the kinks with regular use. Perfect for the big summer moustache!

Elian (Ashburn, US)
For my tastes, this is the best strong hol...

For my tastes, this is the best strong hold moustache wax.
And it has a wonderful aroma! Happy to support small Canadian business.

Jeff (Ashburn, US)
I have bought this before, and I will buy...

I have bought this before, and I will buy this again. A delightfully natural and effective wax. Plus it smells fantastic. A real quality product.