Agarwood Powder-Grade A-For Incense-Dry Perfumes-SUSTAINABLE!

Grade A Agarwood powder with a classic, sensuous and comforting aroma.  Prepared from Grade A Plantation-grown Aquilaria Crassna Agarwood

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It has the signature sweet aroma that distinguishes Crassna Agarwood and burns beautifully and steadily on its own when lit. This makes it perfect for compounding all types of incense, including Incense trails.

Aquilaria crassna is used in traditional Asian incense-making and lends an exotic note to incense blends.

Our wild populations of Agarwood trees are being overharvested and disappearing at an alarming rate in nature. Plantation-grown Agarwood trees offer us a sustainable alternative and support families and small businesses that have taken the risk of a long-term investment in growing their own Agarwood trees.

Our Agarwood powder is ground and sifted to the perfect consistency for producing incense sticks, cones, trails, loose blends, and cosmetic masks.

There is a glut of fake and adulterated Agarwood products on the market. I have sifted through many of them to bring my customers the quality and authenticity they expect from Apothecary's Garden.

Vietnam is famous for its distinguished Agarwood species, and the fragrant Aquilaria Crassna tree is prime among them.


Materials: Agarwood Powder, Aquilaria Crassna, Vietnam Agarwood, Oud Powder.

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Stephanie Bowdle (Oklahoma City, US)

It's wonderful. As described.