Angola Copal

Angola Copal is a clear golden-coloured to black-speckled, translucent, semi-fossilized resin. It is tough and brittle, fractures like flint or Obsidian, and has no scent until burned. It is collected sustainably from the ground where it fell eons ago.

Angola Copal resin is derived from Copaifera demeusii and C. mapane trees, it makes a beautiful incense with a sweet, dry woody/citrus scent wrapped in a haze of soft Vanilla. It dissolves entirely on the charcoal and has no charred afternote like some types of Frankincense and Myrrh.

Because of its hardness and clarity, it is an excellent material for making high-grade, durable lacquers and varnishes and was highly prized till the advent of petroleum-based finishes. It dissolves in pure alcohol and Turpentine.

Angola Copal can be burned on its own or compounded with other aromatic materials in sticks, cones, pastilles or loose incense.

This beautiful materal can be used similarly to amber in the production of Jewellery.

It can be cut, faceted and polished with regular lapidary tools and materials

My partner in acquiring this and other Angolan aromatics is a Canadian Angolan who is dedicated to supporting impoverished rural Angolan communities. He travels to remote areas in the bush and pays the communities a fair price to collect their traditional aromatic and medicinal materials sustainably. He hopes to set up small cottage industries to add value to these natural resources and eventually establish a community-based essential oil distillation plant to process aromatic materials and inject more revenue into the local economies.

Though this resin is only available in small quantities in the shop, wholesale inquiries are welcome. Contact me here through Etsy, or at for a quote on discounted rates for kilograms or tons,


Materials: oleoresin, Copal, Angola Copal, Copaifera.

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Jaleel (Ashburn, US)
The best I've come across. Definitely in m...

The best I've come across. Definitely in my top 10.

Harry (Ashburn, US)
Beautiful and was delivered promptly. Ever...

Beautiful and was delivered promptly. Everything was just as expected.

Lt Braun (Ashburn, US)
First time using this resin. Quite a nice...

First time using this resin. Quite a nice resin to work with and the product was exactly as described.

Adam Marquardt (Ashburn, US)
This product was fun to try, It was my fir...

This product was fun to try, It was my first time getting it so I don't have much experience, but I can say that apothecaries garden is my all time favorite vendor of plant resins and natural perfuming ingredients. Consistently the highest quality resins I have found anywhere. They are extremely generous almost always weighing over ,cans lots of free samples. It's obvious that they are passionate about what they are doing. I absolutely love apothecaries garden!

Krzysztof Nolan (Ashburn, US)
Everything is just perfect :)

Everything is just perfect :)