Beeswax bars-1 Oz. Natural-For salves-Wraps-Moustache and Beard waxes-

This listing is for 1-ounce bars of natural Canadian beeswax. They have a lovely aroma of honey. The list of uses for beeswax is endless. From salves, body butters and moustache waxes, to beeswax wraps, craft and painting mediums, Batik and wood finishes. The utility of natural Beeswax is infinite!

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Having an Apothecary shop and supplying my customers with aromatic materials necessitates providing them with Beeswax.

Beeswax perfectly pairs with most of the aromatic resins in the shop. Most resins dissolve in oils and create medicated, cosmetic and aromatic oils. The logical next step is to dissolve some beeswax in these oils and create medicated salves or solid perfumes, moustache waxes and balms for our lips, hair or skin.

Beeswax combined with resins can create wonderful wood finishes and polishes.
Combine beeswax with rosin or easily soluble hard resin to make reusable beeswax wraps.

Melt and pour or dip beeswax to make candles, and use beeswax to create salves and lip balms.

This Beeswax is collected from Canadian Apiarys and beekeepers. Bees create beeswax wax to build and cap their honeycombs, so Beeswax is sometimes called "Capping wax".
Beeswax is easy to use and will last for decades if kept in its bag in a cool, dark place.


Materials: Natural Beswax, Cera Alba.

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Nicole B (Ashburn, US)
Arrived whole and intact, smells lovely. T...

Arrived whole and intact, smells lovely. This shop never disappoints!

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Rare, high quality ingredients with delightful seller