Bitter Asafoetida Resin

Rare! Fresh Bitter Asafoetida tears. Ferula foetida-Asafoetida resin. Afghanistan.

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There are 2 types of Asafoetida used in Asia and the Mediterranean, Sweet Asafoetida, used as a spice and condiment for food, and Bitter Asafoetida used for medicine. After purchasing the Sweet Asafoetida, I was so impressed with the quality I decided to try the Bitter Asafoetida. I was not at all disappointed!!

What a unique aroma!! Unmistakeably the aroma of Asafoetida, but with a sweet fragrant citrus twist.

The odd thing is, from an aromatic point of view, Bitter Asafoetida is actually much sweeter than the Sweet Asafoetida! Bitter Asafoetida lacks the sharp pungency of the Sweet variety and has some lovely, candy-like sweet notes

Bitter Asafoetida is from the Ferula Foetida plant and the Sweet Asafoetida from the Ferula Asafoetida plant. Both similar, yet different.
Like sweet Asafoetida, a little goes a long way.

Asafoetida, (Sweet), is often compared in aroma to a blend of sulphur and onions, However, Bitter Asafoetida has a more complex, sweet and rich fragrance profile.

Both an oil infusion and an alcoholic tincture can easily be prepared with this resin, making it an unusual ingredient in perfumes and incense, for medicine and magic.

Like most other resins from the Ferula family, you will find seeds, stems and bits of bark mixed in with the resin. They do not hinder processing and can easily be removed if desired.

Because this resin is fresh, fairly soft and slightly sticky, it would benefit from freezing before attempting to grind it.

In Folk Magic traditions, Asafoetida is considered a powerful protective and banishing herb often used in magical incense blends and protective amulets. It is hot in nature and I believe ruled by Mars/Pluto/Scorpio from an Astrological point of view.



Materials: Hing, Devils Dung, Bitter Asafoetida resin, Ferula Foetida.

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Katy Durgan (Ashburn, US)
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Casey Lind (Ashburn, US)
Stinky, very stinky. Haven't burnt yet but...

Stinky, very stinky. Haven't burnt yet but smelling the product I can assume Saturnine spirits will agree with the pungent aroma.

Maik Broszies Weissnat (Ashburn, US)
Ich bin begeistert! Die Qualität der Räuch...

Ich bin begeistert! Die Qualität der Räucherstoffe ist excellent, hier findet man wahre Schätze und es gab für mich auch einiges neu zu entdecken. Ich finde auch das Artwork der verpackung sehr ansprechend. Was mich auch sehr überrascht hat war die schnelle Lieferzeit von Kanada nach Deutschland. Es hat nicht einmal eine Woche gedauert bis das Paket bei mir war. Vielen Lieben Dank nach Kanada

Raghad Brakus (Ashburn, US)
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This review has no content.

Shamanictaxidermyart Wiza (Ashburn, US)
Wonderful, like Dan's treasured resins alw...

Wonderful, like Dan's treasured resins always are! Even after many years of contact and purchases, there is always something new to find and the quality, knowledge and love behind his work is always present.