Black Copal Hydrosol

This listing is for the beautiful smelling Hydrosol of Peruvian Black Copal, Copal Negro-Protium Paniculatum that I distilled in March 2021.

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The aroma of this Hydrosol is true to the resin and has a sweet, toffee/caramel, fruity, green heart with Amber highlights and soft and fleeting floral notes.

Available nowhere else, this is a rare opportunity to experience the aroma of Peruvian Black Copal at a p[rice that is much more affordable than the precious essential oil.
Hydrosols are used in cosmetic and therapeutic products. They can be added to the water phase of an oil/water creme or added to a facial steam. They are often diluted with distilled water and used as room and linen sprays. Hydrosols are used as skin toners and a splash of Hyydrosol in the bathwater creates an uplifting and relaxing experience. Hydrosols can be used diluted or straight as hair rinses and lend themselves easily to many other aromatic products.

The resin is sustainably collected from the ground in the Piura area of Peru. Since it is collected from fallen material it has also aged, which contributes to its unique aroma and its very low yield of essential oil per Kilogram.

A hard-to-find aromatic resin, Copal Negro is used locally as a traditional incense in ceremonies/rituals and the home. it is also a traditional medicine and dissolved in oil before being applied to the skin for a broad range of skin-related problems. Like most tree resins, Protium Paniculatum has a deep affinity with the skin and could likely be of benefit in cosmetic products.

I have only a small amount of this Hydrosol and I do not know if I can get more of this resin.

I personally distilled this product. Nothing has been added to it and nothing removed from it. It is pure and unadulterated.

Materials: Copal negro, Black Copal, Protium Paniculatum, Copal Hydrosol.

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M Kemmer
Just okay. I would not order this again. I...

Just okay. I would not order this again. If I had been able to sample this prior to ordering, I would not have ordered it.

Zack Stark
Potent Quality Hydrosol. Love this Black C...

Potent Quality Hydrosol. Love this Black Copal scent! Has a nice ancient fragrant smell. Glad I purchased two.

Jose Antonio Hane
So happy that Dan made it into a hydrosol...

So happy that Dan made it into a hydrosol as well, cant wait to spray it all over! Amazing copal!

G Batz
Same as it ever was!!!

Same as it ever was!!!

Kristy Ondricka
This has a phenomenal scent and feel. Very...

This has a phenomenal scent and feel. Very high quality.