Black Fasoukh Essential oil

Black Fasoukh-Essential Oil-Small-Batch, Artisan distilled In-House-Exotic, Smooth & Sweet-Artisan distilled-For perfume, Aromatherapy and Folk Magic

This gorgeous essential oil of Black Fasoukh is distilled from the fresh resin of the Picea Orientalis tree, sustainably sourced in the Caucasus mountains.

Though Picea Orientalis is a type of Spruce tree, this essential oil has none of the sharp notes we associate with Pine and Spruce essential oils. Instead, it is buttery smooth, sweet, soft and alluring.

From an aromatherapy perspective, Black Fasoukh essential oil has an affinity with the muscles, joints and respiratory system, as do most of the resins from the Spruce and Pine families.

Black Fasoukh resin is an ancient incense material that has been used in spiritual, magical and energetic work for hundreds, if not thousands of years in North African, Southern Mediterranean, Arabic and Islamic cultures. Fasoukh is a mainstay of folk magic practices across a broad geographical area regardless of religion, culture and societal differences.

Two types of Fasoukh are most common. White Fasoukh and Black Fasoukh.

White Fasoukh is reliably the resin of Ferula Communis, while the composition of Black Fasoukh varies from tradition to tradition, culture to culture and geographical areas.

Black Fasoukh is sometimes found as an incense blend compounded from many ingredients but is also commonly found as a single aromatic material and most often a resin. I have encountered Black Fasoukh from Morocco, Iran, and even Sudanese Black Fasouk in the famous Mercato market in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Each differed vastly from the other though their uses were the same.

In general, it is safe to say that White Fasoukh is usually used to open communication with the energetic/spiritual world and in many cultures used to petition the Djinn for favours,
while Black Fasoukh is most often used to cleanse and protect the person and the home, to counteract the evil eye and malignant forces, whether of human or otherworldly nature.

Black Fasoukh is also used for other beneficial purposes, such as attracting money, love, good health and prosperity.

Though usually burned as incense, in some cultures a liquid or paste is prepared from Black Fasoukh and added to a floor wash, applied to the soles of one's shoes or to the door frame of one's home to attract the desired outcome or for protection. The essential oil of Black Fasoukh is an easy-to-use ingredient in all of the above applications.

It is thought that the name Fasoukh is rooted in the Semitic/Aramaic word that means to pause, or cause a break, or pass over. Referring to the use of Fasoukh for breaking spells and bad luck and as a protective material used to cause negative things to pass over one or to avert bad luck. (Think of the story of the Exodus from Egypt when the Jews marked their door lentils with Lamb's Blood, which caused the plague, to Pass-over" their houses). Pesach, (Passover in Hebrew), Pasach, Fasoukh. See the connection?

Black Fasoukh is harvested sustainably from trees high in the Caucasus mountains and is composed of many tiny droplets of resin that have bled from the tree without any human intervention or tapping. On the charcoal, the aroma of Black Fasoukh is truly enchanting.

The resin of Picea orientalis is used in traditional and folk medicine in much the same ways as Siberian Cedar and Norway Spruce in a simple salve for skin healing and to address muscle, joint and respiratory issues.


Materials: Artisan Distilled, Pure Essential oil, Black Fasoukh, Picea orientalis.

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Abigayle (Ashburn, US)
The shipping was shockingly fast! I like t...

The shipping was shockingly fast! I like the scent. Has a spicy-peppery scent. Very nice. Just trying for the first time. I like to know what I'm getting into before spending much. Seems the creator is nicely skilled at his craft. I LIKE

C.P. (Ashburn, US)
This is a unique distillation from a trust...

This is a unique distillation from a trusted Etsy sellers. Highest quality