African Elemi resin

African Elemi, also known as Camonya and Canarium schweinfurthii is a rarely available and wonderfully fragrant natural oleoresin for perfume, incense, aromatic/medicated salves, oils and cremes.

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Traditionally harvested in the wild tropical jungles of West/Central Africa and Congo, eastwards to Uganda, the fruit of the tree is edible and the seeds are high in fatty acids. The resin of Canarium schweinfurthii is used as incense for ceremonial and domestic purposes. Internally, the fragrant resin is anti-parasitic and, when blended with fats and oils acts as an emollient (Soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin), and is used to treat skin infections such as eczema, prickly heat and skin rashes. All the resins of the Elemi family are considered skin-nourishing and rejuvenating.

Camonya presents an aromatic profile that is similar in character to Manilla Elemi and Madagascar Elemi but with more depth, complexity and softness than its sisters. It strikes me as the mature one in the family.

As incense on the coal, African Elemi offers an intriguing bouquet that initially greets one's nose with honeyed Lemon and mint, then gives way to soft Ambers, tobacco, wet dirt and a muskiness reminiscent of warm animal fur. It makes a sweet and uplifting incense and when dissolved in warm oils creates a (distractingly), sensuous and skin-healing massage oil.

Due to the semi-liquid consistency of the fresh resin, it is traditionally rolled into balls and wrapped with the leaf of a tree until it can keep its shape on its own. For this reason, you will find the occasional leaf and stem fragment adhered to the resin pieces. These can be easily removed if desired and are truly a mark of authenticity.

African Elemi resin is a pure oleoresin, so it pools and burns clean on the charcoal. It will dissolve easily in warm oils, waxes and fats for producing candles, and medicinal and cosmetic products. You can find instructions for making an oil infusion/extract of Elemi here-

The Elemi essential oil we are familiar with is that of Manila Elemi, Canarium Luzonicum and is considered to have anti-ageing and skin rejuvenating properties which are shared by all 3 species.

This is an exquisite find and I have only a limited quantity. Get it while it lasts.


Materials: Elemi resin, Canarium Schweinfurthii, African Elemi, Camonya.

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Lacy K (Ashburn, US)
Wonderful and mindfully sourced ingredient...

Wonderful and mindfully sourced ingredients for beautiful atmosphere. Thanks Dan!

Timmothy (Ashburn, US)
Great item, wonderful smell !

Great item, wonderful smell !

Allan R (Ashburn, US)
GReat value and quick delivery

GReat value and quick delivery

Dola Collins (Ashburn, US)
Phenomenal ingredients and excellent servi...

Phenomenal ingredients and excellent service

Bird Lady Nader (Ashburn, US)
Fast shipping! For the bitter scents I sug...

Fast shipping! For the bitter scents I suggest getting a lower ounce to see if you like it. But you could never go wrong with the sweet scents. This one in particular clears your senses like a vapor rub. Very great for spiritual work. I will continue to try more things and Shop again and again