Charcoal Incense Pucks

I have tried many different charcoal pucks over the decades. Some fall apart, some explode when lit, and some are so large I need to break them into smaller pieces. Some are difficult to ignite or don't completely ignite. Some are quickly extinguished by melting resins and some burn so hot, that the resins char before they release their fragrance.

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In short, I have finally found the perfect self-igniting charcoals for my own use and have been using them exclusively for the past few years.
They all light very quickly and evenly.

When in stock, we now carry Mini, Small, and Large pucks.

Mini pucks are Greek in origin, 1.5 centimetres in diameter and burn for approximately 1/2 an hour. They are perfect for cleansing a room, exploring a new incense resin and other short-duration activities. They come in rolls of 6. One package will provide about 3 hours of incense burning.

Small Pucks are also produced in Greece and are 2 centimetres in diameter and last about 3/4 of an hour, 45 minutes. They come in rolls of 6. One package of Small Pucks will give you about 4.5 hours of incense enjoyment.

Large Pucks are produced in Holland Over many decades, Three Kings Incense charcoal has set the standard for quality in this industry and is the benchmark for many.
Large pucks are about 3 centimetres in diameter and burn for about 1 hour each making them perfect for longer sessions. Large Pucks come in rolls of 10 to a package. And provide up to 10 hours of use which is more than double the burning time of the Small Pucks and 3 times longer than the Mini Pucks. The large Pucks are the most economical and give us the best burn for our buck.

To use your charcoal pucks for burning incense, prepare a non-flammable Ceramic or metal bowl or dish and line it with at least 1 inch of sand, fine gravel or unscented kitty litter.

To light the charcoal lay it on your bed of insulating material and light an edge with a lighter. When it starts sputtering, it should sputter and spark through the charcoal.

Wait until it is burning evenly and there is a layer of fine white ash covering the charcoal.

Take a piece of resin or powder about the size of a lentil or small pea and place it in the middle of the coal. wood powders and incense blends can be applied in larger quantities without fear of extinguishing the puck as do pure resins when overdone.


For more information on burning resins and incense please see my post here-

Never leave a burning coal unattended and always keep it away from flammable materials such as curtains, cats and kids.


Materials: Charcoal, Saltpeter.

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Zola (Ashburn, US)
We've been searching for a reliable, quick...

We've been searching for a reliable, quick starting cole for some time. Entering into Advent, one of our most holy liturgical celebrations, I was absolutely thrilled to receive our mini-sized cole! We were even more excited that it lights quickly, burns longer, and fits perfectly in our home sensor! You've earned a buyer going forward!!!
Blessed Advent, and Christ be with you all!

Daisha (Ashburn, US)
Fast delivery, generous seller, with amazi...

Fast delivery, generous seller, with amazing products. I'm absolutely in love with the Serum G, super gentle on the skin, subtle fragrance, leaving the skin feeling smooth. -SR

Nicole D (Ashburn, US)
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Jayme (Ashburn, US)
Good product. Works as intended

Good product. Works as intended

Nicole D (Ashburn, US)
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