Copal Blanco Essential Oil

This listing is for Copal Blanco essential oil- from Bursera bipinnata resin that we distilled in-house.

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Commonly called Copal Blanco and Sacred Copal, the resin is the traditional incense used in celebrating Mexican Day of the Dead ceremonies and reserved for other special occasions.

This is an essential oil that is close to impossible to source commercially and I am thrilled to offer a small amount to my customers.

Copal Blanco essential oil has an uplifting, soft, sweet, minty coniferous aroma with hints of honey, black pepper, nutmeg and cardamon.

Similar to many other resin essential oils, its fragrance will continue to mature, evolve and develop in its aromatic complexities with age.

Hoarding resin essential oils can provide important lessons in patience and a deeper appreciation of age for us all.

Used extensively in churches during the year, Copal Blanco resin is best known for its use in Mexican Day of the Dead ceremonies and celebrations, where the smoke of burning Copal is seen as an offering that helps raise one's prayers to the Divine. The pillar of Copal incense smoke is also believed to act as a beacon, leading the ancestral spirits home.

Copal Blanco has a light lemony scent. Burned on the coal it raises a beautiful, thick column of gentle, soft smoke with sweet hints of burnt caramel and soft ethereal floral notes. 

Copal Blanco/Bursera bipinnata is a member of the Burseraceae family of trees. Also called Torchwood trees and the Incense tree family. It is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, Elemi and many other fragrant resin-bearing trees used for incense, medicine and perfume. It is currently harvested in a traditional manner that does not stress the trees. However, with an increase in demand for the resin, future issues of sustainability are likely.

As with many other resins of the Burseracaea family, Copal is also used in traditional medicine. It is often dissolved in oil and used to treat sore muscles, joints, and various skin conditions.

That said, Copal Blanco essential oil is very concentrated and should not be applied to the skin without adequate dilution.


Materials: Pure Essential Oil.

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Laurie (Ashburn, US)
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Vita (Ashburn, US)
I thought was fast shipping coming from Ca...

I thought was fast shipping coming from Canada! Great oil. Tried the 1ML first and ordered the bigger one right after I tried!

Vita (Ashburn, US)
Hard to find copal essential oil! Very ple...

Hard to find copal essential oil! Very pleased! Seen a lot of complaints about the slow shipping but for ‘international shipping' I honestly thought it got here very fast and was presently surprised to see it so quick!

Shemar (Ashburn, US)
Good quality and fast shipping

Good quality and fast shipping

Madeline (Ashburn, US)
Smells amazing and got here fast! All star...

Smells amazing and got here fast! All stars!