Copal Blanco Resin Extract

This is the Resin Extract of Copal Blanco-Bursera Bipinnata from Mexico, also called Sacred Copal. After distillation of the essential oil of White Copal, we are left with a pure aromatic resin that is a wonderfully versatile and valuable material. This is the resin extract.

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It is perfect as an ingredient or base for making solid perfumes, salves, cremes, cosmetics, incense blends and moustache wax recipes. It dissolves readily in warm carrier oils in the water bath. It is less expensive than fresh resin and just as valuable.

Copal Blanco Resin Extract comes as a mixture of powder and small chunks. I usually crush the chunks before processing.

I have found that most tree resins have an affinity for our skin. This could be attributed to the resin's function of healing the skin of the tree, but regardless of the reason, resins mixed with a carrier oil leave the skin feeling soft, supple, smooth and happy.

I prepare a base for medicated oils, salves and cremes by processing Copal Blanco resin extract in a water bath at a ratio of 1 part resin extract to 3 parts carrier oil. You can play around with the proportions as you wish. the resin extract will dissolve in the warm carrier oil and require filtering before use. I do this through a metal-mesh coffee filter. Other oil-soluble ingredients such as waxes, essential oils and carrier oils can be added easily to your creation.

In a Moustache or beard wax formula, Copal Blanco resin extract performs the same as fresh oleoresin, giving great hold and shaping power while "perming" facial hair to the desired shape and lending a distinguished Elemi fragrance.

Used extensively in Mexican churches and homes during the year, Copal Blanco is best known for its use in Mexican Day of the Dead ceremonies and celebrations, where the smoke of burning Copal is seen as an offering and helps raise one's prayers to the Divine. The pillar of Copal incense smoke is also believed to act as a beacon, leading the ancestral spirits home.

Fresh, it has a sweet lemony scent. Burned on the coal, it raises a beautiful, thick column of gentle, soft smoke with sweet hints of burnt caramel and soft ethereal floral notes.

Copal Blanco/Bursera bipinnata is a member of the Burseraceae family of trees. They are also called Torchwood trees and the Incense tree family. It is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, Elemi and many other fragrant resin-bearing trees used for incense and perfume.

As with many other resins of the Burseracaea family, Copal is also used in traditional medicine. It is often dissolved in oil and used to treat sore muscles and joints and an assortment of skin conditions.


Materials: Copal Blanco, White Copal, Bursera Bipinnata, Copal Resin Extract, Sacred Copal Resin Extract.

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Scarlett (Ashburn, US)
High end copal,soft,sweet,mixes well w/pal...

High end copal,soft,sweet,mixes well w/palo dragons blood,any high end resins,woods,play for hours mixing variations.Palo and copal,will make You smile.As a gift makes them smile,how cool is that? Thanks,Bless all.

Milton (Ashburn, US)
I've never had copal in a powder this fine...

I've never had copal in a powder this fine. I couldn't grind this and keep it at this quality, that's for sure. Some things I haven't tried with copal before are coming to mind because of the powder quality.

Ann Kemmer (Ashburn, US)
This resin extract is easier to work with...

This resin extract is easier to work with than the regular copal. It can be added easily to incense blends. Seller is always responsive and quick to ship!

Jacob Wuckert (Ashburn, US)
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