Copal Santo Essential Oil

This listing is for the beautiful and ever so rare Copal Santo essential oil I distilled in April 2023. Also known as Black Mexican Copal, Copal Santo is collected from the Bursera copallifera tree that grows in Southern Mexico.

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Artisan distilled from a small quantity of fresh Copal Santo resin, this is a beautiful essential oil! Rich, deep, sweet and spicy. Unlike the Copal Blanco essential oil, this beauty has no sharp corners. It is dark, smooth, luscious, deep and well-rounded.

A hard-to-find aromatic resin,Black Mexican Copal is burned as a traditional incense in ceremonies/rituals and the home.

Like most tree resins, Copal Santo has a deep affinity with the skin and could likely be of benefit in therapeutic and cosmetic products.

I distilled this essential oil myself. Nothing has been added to it, and nothing has been removed from it. It is pure and unadulterated.

Similar to most other essential oils distilled from resins, the aroma of this oil will mature and deepen with time. A good investment.


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S.B. (Ashburn, US)
Lovely aroma. Small amount so I'll use it...

Lovely aroma. Small amount so I'll use it sparingly and mix with other carrier oils.