Dragon's Blood Resin Yunnan – RARE!

Dragon's Blood Resin-Yunnan-Dracaena cochinchinensis. 
This is a wonderfully sweet and intoxicating Dragon's Blood resin! It is the only Dragon's Blood resin with an aroma before it is burned.

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I walked into our packaging room this morning and was captivated by the beautiful, sweet aroma that filled it.
It opens with rich crimson sweet berry notes on the low-temperature electric burner. Deep, soft and penetrating. As the temperature is raised, the sweet notes yield to this Mars-ruled resin's traditional bite and intensity, similar to its cousin Dracaena cinnabari in Socotra, Yemen.

The colour of this Dragon's Blood resin is INTENSE!! I can't wait to make an ink from it.

I have to point out that unlike its Yemenite cousin, medieval Dragon's Blood, which is a species at risk, Yunnan Dragon's Blood resin is sustainably harvested.

The Chinese have developed methods of harvesting the resin from the tree's leaves instead of the bark and wood. The qualities of the leaf resin are identical to those collected from tapping the tree, and the tree is harmed in no way since the leaves are shed from the tree as its branches grow.
If this system could be replicated on the island of Socotra, we could preserve the Socotran Dragon's blood trees and create a sustainable source for their resin.

Yunnan Dragon's Blood resin dissolves especially well in alcohol.

It creates an exceptional dark red ink with a beautiful fragrance.  Add some Virgin Dragon's Blood to your tincture to create a brighter red colour.

If you are preparing a Dragon's Blood oil, the best material to use is the Virgin Dragons Blood resin, which you will also find in the shop.


Materials: Pure Dragonsblood Resin, Dracaena cochinchinensis.

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Twila (Ashburn, US)
Amazing aroma love this stuff.

Amazing aroma love this stuff.

Lex G (Ashburn, US)
Interesting new incense to me! I love tryi...

Interesting new incense to me! I love trying all the different resins and learning their unique and distinct aromas. I feel like an alchemist mixing all the different herbs, resins, barks and powders to create a unique experience each time. This is a fun little hobby and makes your home smell inviting. Great seller!

Verner (Ashburn, US)
The dragon's blood barely smells when burn...

The dragon's blood barely smells when burned.

Presley S (Ashburn, US)
This is really a superior version of drago...

This is really a superior version of dragon's blood

Alexanne (Ashburn, US)
Stunning quality items will return here ag...

Stunning quality items will return here again and again