Electric Incense Heaters-Fire Flower-Illuminated-

Electric burners are great for enjoying the aroma of incense, aromatic woods, spices, resins and Bakhour without the heavy smoke and charred scent of burning incense on coals.

The illuminated burner, "Fire Flower," has finely cut openings allowing soft inner light to glow from within. The illumination's effect is lovely and magical in a darker setting.

"The shape of the "Fire Flower" is reminiscent of the incense heaters that evolved from the architecture of a stupa. In Buddhism, a stupa is a place of prayer that houses sacred relics. The many four-lobed shapes carved into the body of the "Fire Flower" burner are a symbol of Begonias. The Red Begonia flower has a rich history in many cultures worldwide. The Red Begonia is often a symbol of peace or gratitude."

The Fire Flower burner has a thermostat for precise temperature control and a timer that can be set to turn off automatically in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 hours. It comes in a plain shipping box.

Made of high-quality ceramic, it comes with a burning tray, metal tongs and an incense spoon. It operates at 110 Volts (North America) and has a two-prong plug.

Electric Incense Burners open up a whole new dimension of experience when it comes to appreciating incense and aromatic materials.

Where charcoals burn hot, generate a lot of smoke and consume incense quickly, incense heaters can often deliver hours of aromatic experience that is all fragrance and not all smoke. I have enjoyed the complex nuances of many resins and woods for 2 or 3 hours before charging the heater again.

To keep the burning tray clean, I cut out 2 1/2 inch rounds or squares from aluminum foil. To save time I fold a large rectangle of foil repeatedly till I have a square of about 3 inches wide, then cut out a circle. Every time I place a new incense material in the heater, I peel off another disc from the foil and press it into the heating tray, so it forms a little bowl keeping hot liquid resins within it. Be mindful that the tray is very hot when the heater is on, and do not press the foil into the tray with your fingers when it is hot! I use the tongs and the incense spoon to set the foil into the bowl shape of the tray. Precut foil squares, rounds and foil cups are available on Amazon and eBay.

Electric incense heaters offer another valuable feature in that you can "pause" your incense burning and continue burning the same piece or a different material at a future time.

THERMOSTAT- incense and aromatic material will benefit from experimentation and exploration on the heater. With many compounded incenses, one can set the thermostat at 180 degrees and slowly raise it as different notes fill the air. Exotic materials like Ambergris, Agarwood and delicate botanicals like Rose petals or Cedar tips might benefit from even lower temperatures. I burn most resins at around 180-200 degrees. With a little practice, you will discover the best temperatures for each aromatic in your collection and make every piece sing.


Materials: Ceramic, Tongs, Incense spoon, Temperature Control, Electric Incense Burner, Timer.

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Customer Reviews

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Earnestine (Ashburn, US)
I'm obsessed with this thing, I keep it in...

I'm obsessed with this thing, I keep it in my living room and I use coals out in the main party of the house because I don't want my room to get smoky from the coals, unless I'm cleansing which is a different story. I love the light it lets off in the room, it creates such a relaxing ambiance.

Highly recommend this product, it's great for people like me who want to keep it in their room without the smoke from coals or anyone just getting into resins. 10/10 recommend.

Joanne Scott (Orangeville, CA)
Loving my New Fire Flower Electric Incense Burner!

I just returned from a month-long trip to Egypt where I purchased sandalwood and frankincense resin. But my frustration grew as I constantly battled to get charcoal lighted in order to burn my purchases. So I began to investigate electric incense burners, and after much research, I decided to purchase the Fire Flower from Apothecaries Garden. It had the features I was looking for...a timer, various temperature settings, attractive looking, and good quality. To my surprise, it arrived today, which is extremely quick considering I only ordered it two days ago! I immediately plugged it in, and started burning my frankincense resin, and it worked perfectly. Now I plan on testing it with my sandalwood. I'm also excited to use it with the various herbs which I grow in my garden, such as sage, lemon balm, various mints etc. I highly recommend this product, and since the service was so great, I recommend Apothecaries Garden as well. Now that I have an eclectic incense burner, I'm sure I'll become a regular customer of this shop, as it appears they carry a good selection of resins, and I also appreciate the fact that the owner is environmentally conscious.

Julie (Ashburn, US)
Have had a chance to use this burner for m...

Have had a chance to use this burner for my agarwood and can say it's top quality, and the light that emits from it is relaxing too. Thanks, great seller.

Laverne (Ashburn, US)
The fire flower is an easy to use solution...

The fire flower is an easy to use solution for the huge variety of resins I collected from Dan and company, whom I truely appreciate. So i finally got to give this item the test and used many varieties of resin. All filling the space enjoyably. I also use two or three tealight burners in addition to the electric one. And the fire flower is easy to use and effective. I will put foil on it and try it as an Essential Oil warmer soon. I really love this one Dan.

Aryanna (Ashburn, US)
Been keeping an eye on this since I discov...

Been keeping an eye on this since I discovered Dan's amazing shop… it works wonderfully! And I also got a little sample of frankincense rivae! Can't wait for my next purchase 😁😎😎