Frankincense Papyrifera Absolute

Also referred to as Frankincense Papyrifera Resin Absolute, this is a fragrant pourable, honey-like liquid which contains ALL the fragrant compounds present in Frankincense Papyrifera, ie: both the essential oils and the aromatic resin of Boswellia Papyrifera.

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It is produced using food grade alcohol alone. No harsh chemical solvents were used in the extraction process.

This product contains all the Boswelllic acids found in Frankincense papyrifera as well as the psychoactive compounds Incensole and incensole acetate which are thought to reduce anxiety and induce heightened feelings of well-being and spirituality.

Harvested in the Northern Tigray province of Ethiopia, B. Papyrifera is also called "Tigray Frankincense. It is the favoured Frankincense by many churches and a staple of the Ethiopian community, burned daily by millions of people during coffee ceremonies and after meals.

Using only food-grade alcohol, fresh Frankincense Papyrifera oleoresin is powdered and immersed in 95% ethanol. It is allowed to macerate at a controlled temperature and stirred daily for a minimum of 8 weeks before it is filtered to separate the odourless water-soluble gum compounds.
The filtered liquid is evaporated gently at room temperature to remove excess alcohol creating a thick aromatic liquid that dissolves readily in alcohol and carrier oils.

It has the bitter-edged, sweet, woody Frankincense fragrance with hints of lemon that distinguish Frankincense Papyrifera.

It acts as a fixative and heart-note in perfume compositions anchoring more fleeting and volatile scents and is useful in incense making as a binder and an aromatic ingredient since it burns clean and sweet, (Unlike the whole tears of Frankincense), with no charring, due to the absence of water-soluble gum.

It blends easily with room temperature alcohol and to my surprise, it blends easily with carrier oils such as Fractionated Coconut oil and Jojoba making it ideal as an ingredient in oil-based and solid perfumes, cremes, salves, lotions and soaps.

You will find instructions and recipes for working with Frankincense and other oleoresins on my


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Always the best materials and best quality...

Always the best materials and best quality after many searches

Moustafa Kohler
High quality products and exceptional serv...

High quality products and exceptional service

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very good product, im on a journey and glad to smell it

Top product...Received really quickly...Recommended...5...

Top product...Received really quickly...Recommended...5 stars...