Frankincense Rejuvenative Creme

Frankincense Creme Complete is made with the complete and whole oleoresin of Frankincense Frereana, not just the essential oils as in most other products on the market.

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This is the Creme that was formerly named Frankincense Rejuvenative Creme. Howver, I had to change the name due to some export restrictions. It is the same creme hundreds of customers have been using for almost a decade.

In the case of Frankincense, the distilled essential oils contain only a small percent of the active compounds in the material, the more volatile and aromatic elements. Many of the plant's therapeutic chemicals are lost after distilling the essential oils. For this reason, I strive to use the whole oleoresin whenever possible.

I believe there is a synergy in a plant in its natural state. By using both the resin and the essential oil, we can experience greater benefits than using either portion on its own.

Now in new, elegant and reusable Airless pumps.

Frankincense Creme Complete is made with Fresh Frankincense Frereana oleoresin, also known as "Elemi Frankincense". Locally it is called Maydi and "The King of Frankincense". The historical and traditional demand for Maydi in Arabia and Africa is so great little of this precious material has been available in the West until recently.

This is a rich, lush creme. It goes on silky smooth with no greasy residue. It is absorbed quickly but leaves the skin nourished, soft and supple. It is safely applied around the eyes and has a lovely frankincense fragrance. No extra fragrance is added.

Made with whole Frankincense Frereana, Organic Jojoba oil, distilled water, emulsifying wax, (made from palm oil), and Vitamin E., and contains "Liquid Germal Plus" a broad spectrum, non-Paraben preservative.

I no longer produce a preservative-free version. After educating myself on the dangers of harmful and unseen bacteria, fungi and moulds which will proliferate within days, even when refrigerated, I could not take the risk. If you would like to make your own preservative-free Frankincense creme, please see the links below.

It is packaged in "Airless pumps" which do not allow air to enter the bottle and help keep the creme sterile. These dispensers operate without a tube and need to be primed before they will produce any creme. To prime, these pumps, press repeatedly and vigorously on the pump head until you feel the resistance of the creme rising up the head. If needed, turn the bottle upside down and press/pump it repeatedly till the creme starts flowing.

For more information on Frankincense Frereana, please see my post ".-

For instructions on making your own creme from whole oleoresins, please see my post-

Materials: Vitamin E, Polawax, Liquid Germal Plus, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled water, Whole Frankincense Frereana.

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Fae (Ashburn, US)
One of my fav moisturizers.

One of my fav moisturizers.

Alysson (Ashburn, US)
great moisturizer and helps with my sebum.

great moisturizer and helps with my sebum.

Beverley Connelly (Ashburn, US)
I enthusiastically recommend this shop and...

I enthusiastically recommend this shop and this product! I love frankincense resin and to have the whole resin in a skincare product is a real luxury. I've been purchasing this facial cream for about 2 years and I hope Dan never discontinues it.

Katherine Kauppila (Ashburn, US)
Absolutely love this stuff! The scent is...

Absolutely love this stuff! The scent is intoxicating and it's wonderfully thick and hydrating; so nourishing - it's perfect! Yes!

Nancy Ebert (Ashburn, US)
This is my second purchase of this product...

This is my second purchase of this product. It wasn't until I completely finished the first container that I realized how much I liked it. It just feels good on my sensitive skin. ❤️