Frankincense Sacra Powder

Frankincense Sacra Powder. Ground fresh in-house. With sweet amber and citrus notes for incense, tinctures, medicated oils, salves. 

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I avoid buying powdered herbs or spices unless I have absolutely no choice. Mainly because I don't know how long they have sat losing their potency, but also because I know unscrupulous suppliers will often use low-grade material or siftings from the bottom of bags they otherwise could not sell. You can hide a lot in a powder... Often reputable retailers who buy powdered material from brokers have no idea how old the powder is and what went into it. You could say when it comes to big business, I have trust issues....

Grinding my own fresh herbs and resins guarantees high-quality material for my work and for my customers.
I use my freshest and best quality resins and only grind as much as I need. Powder never sits around long in the studio. When it is gone, I grind some more so it is always fresh.

The grinding process of Frankincense Sacra powder is not as simple as it could be.
I grind my resins at least twice in an electric grinder to attain a fine powder that will dissolve easily. Each time I grind Frankincense or Myrrh, I sift and spread the powder out to dry for a day or two or it will clump and need to be reground. The first grind is fairly coarse and, in my opinion not fine enough to easily infuse oils, waxes or alcohol. The powdered Frankincense I sell in the shop is twice powdered and sifted. It is fine enough for whatever the purpose might be. Also, it is easy enough to powder it finer if you desire by running it through a mortar and pestle, coffee or herb grinder at home.

A staple of churches and temples around the world, Frankincense Sacra resin is traditionally used as incense and medicine. Its essential oil is distilled for perfumery and aromatherapy.
IThis is one of 6 Frankincense types that is rich in Boswellic acids which have been shown in studies to be anti-inflammatory and combat cancer, (In the laboratory)..

Since Frankincense Sacra powder contains the Boswellic acids in its resin, (Not the essential oil!). This makes it ideal for preparing therapeutic oils, salves, cremes and tinctures. It is easy to work with and its beautiful fragrance follows it through every product you make. For more information, recipes and instructions on making your own therapeutic or cosmetic products from Frankincense resin, please visit


For recipes, instructions and more information about the different types of Frankincense, Myrrh and other oleoresins, please visit my blog at or


Materials: Frankincense Sacra, Boswellia Sacra Oman.

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Shireen Kassulke (Ashburn, US)
The best quality of frankincense. Burns cl...

The best quality of frankincense. Burns clean, mixes really when making topical medicines and very finely ground to perfection.

Jennie Mcdermott (Ashburn, US)
I'm so glad I found this great shop. I kne...

I'm so glad I found this great shop. I knew nothing about frankincense, but Dan's knowledge and wealth of information has changed that. The product quality and service is great!

Diane Smith (Ashburn, US)
Well packaged and shipped quickly. This ha...

Well packaged and shipped quickly. This has a good scent when burned. Would buy again.

Alison Fuls Bergstrom (Ashburn, US)
This is sure to be an interesting addition...

This is sure to be an interesting addition in a chest rub. Quality!

Shireen Kassulke (Ashburn, US)
Excellent quality as always! Shipping was...

Excellent quality as always! Shipping was really quick this time 🙏🏽