Frankincense Serrata Tincture.

Frankincense Serrata tincture is a holistic and Astrodynamic product made at a ratio of-1:3 resin to alcohol-76%AV. It is handcrafted in small batches with decades of experience and care.

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A "Holistic" tincture, in this instance, means that the tincture contains a similar ratio of water soluble gum, to resin and essential oil that appear in the whole fresh oleo gum resin.

Frankincense Serrata is thought to contain approximately 20+% water-soluble gum and 70+% resin and essential oils. A regular "store-bought" tincture of Frankincense is most often made using 40% alcohol, such as in many types of Vodka. This means it will contain 40% resin, essential oils, and 60% water-soluble gum. Quite different proportions than this Frankincense in its natural form.

Boswellia Serrata  has been used for hundreds of years in the traditional Indian "Ayurvedic" system of medicine

These healing Boswellic acids are found in the resin portion of 6 different types of Frankincense. The Boswellic acids are accessed only by using the whole oleoresin or products made via solvent extraction with fixed or volatile solvents such as in this alcohol tincture.
Boswellic acids are NOT extracted in the steam or hydrodistillation process and are not found in the essential oils except in trace amounts.

This is a sweetly fragrant, rich Amber-red tincture that contains all the natural healing compounds found in this Frankincense. It is made with fresh oleo gum resin and Spirytus Vodka which has 76% alcohol and is of excellent quality. It is processed and left to macerate for a lunar cycle and a half before decanting and filtering.

This tincture is made "Astrodynamically" which is my term for the extraction method I use that is based on Medical astrology and tenets of traditional plant Alchemy.

Working with Nature, in harmony with the cycles and dynamic relationships between plants, planets and stars, allows us to more easily draw forth, not only the chemical constituents but the intelligence, essence or spirit of the plants, which, in my experience, leads to products that exhibit better colour and fragrance, increased shelf life and efficacy.

For more information on the healing compounds in the different types of Frankincense and instructions on making your own tincture of Frankincense, please see my posts at

If you would like to learn a little more about Astrodynamics, Plant Alchemy and Medical Astrology, you will find more information and links on my blog here-


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"I absolutely love these carefully made creations by Dan. The quality is divine and the attention to detail for the correct planetary timing to conceive such a well balanced tincture is pure magic! Thank you, Dan!"

"These tinctures are awesome, I had a major turnaround in health while using one of them. I'll definitely keep buying!"

Materials: Boswellia Serrata, Boswellic acids, Incensole, 76 Percent Alcohol, Frankincense Serrata.

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Julia (Ashburn, US)
It's just what I wanted.

It's just what I wanted.

Denise Runolfsson (Ashburn, US)
Tiny little bottle very expensive than I h...

Tiny little bottle very expensive than I had to pick Shipping expensive
Taste terrible did not come with instructions

Suzen Bogisich (Ashburn, US)
I trust this product and others from Apoth...

I trust this product and others from Apothecary's Garden!

George Hoeger (Ashburn, US)
As always quick delivery and extras to boo...

As always quick delivery and extras to boot!
Nigerian green frankincense - extra
Frankincense Sacra Absolute RGH - extra
Moonlight Myrrh EO - extra
Along with my regular order of Frankincense Serrata & tincture

Pi-Ya Lawton Frami (Ashburn, US)
Awesome Product, Thank You So Much!

Awesome Product, Thank You So Much!