Pine Sap/Pitch/Resin-FRESH!! White Pine Resin

Fresh, semi-liquid, Ooey-gooey and intensely fragrant Pine resin! Right from the tree. Perfect for making natural chest rubs, muscle rubs, Incense and perfume.

This is the freshest Pine resin I have ever had in the shop! It is fresh, raw, unfiltered, bursting with fragrance and essential oils.

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We have used natural tree resins in our medicine, cosmetics, Incense and perfume for thousands of years. They are wonderful, fragrant expressions of nature.

Fresh Pine resin dissolves easily in warm carrier oils, animal fats and alcohol. Once dissolved, it is easily filtered through a metal mesh coffee filter for use in myriad applications.
----HOW TO make a Balm or Salve from fresh Pine resin----
Warm the Pine resin in a water bath with an equal weight of carrier oil. When it has dissolved, filter it. Put it back in the water bath in a clean vessel and when hot, melt in 2 parts beeswax by weight to create a salve/balm. Adjust the consistency with Beeswax or carrier oil as needed. Simple!!

At you will find recipes for incense, moustache waxes and various healing salves and balms using fresh Pine, Fir or Spruce sap.
Dalat Pine-Vietnam-Pinus dalatensis

Materials: Pine resin, Pine pitch, Pinus dalatensis.

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Stephanie Bowdle (Oklahoma City, US)
Pine Pitch

Absolutely amazing. Will buy again. Expedited shipping. Free sample... will order this from them again.