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This is my 25th year making the Great Northern Cough & Chest Balm. And it is my best batch yet!!

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Harvested locally and sustainably from Spruce and Pine trees, this chest rub utilizes the properties of the whole saps, not just the essential oils as found in mainstream commercial products. These natural Oleoresins contain a broad range of phytochemicals, (healing botanical chemicals). Spruce, Pine and Fir, have been used as traditional medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years across a wide range of cultures in the northern Hemisphere.

Great Northern Cough and Chest Rub is a penetrating yet pleasantly fragrant Balm that is absorbed through skin and breath.

Originally formulated for children who would not tolerate the overpowering smell of mainstream "Vaporizers" and rubs, Great Northern Cough and Chest Rub is powerful, but not overwhelming. It works just as well on infants, adults and the elderly.

I have access to an abundance of these sap/oleoresin-bearing trees here in Ontario. Many I steward and care for. Stewardship in this context means, I take care of the trees, over the years and in some cases over decades, look to their well-being, nurture them and harvest from them. This creates a sustainable and ethical source for high-quality sap and some enriching relationships for me.

This product has been honoured with the term- "Wizard Goo by children and adults for decades.

I have prepared this Great Northern Cough Balm" since my son was a toddler, 27 years ago. I have been so happy with its effectiveness, that beyond minor tweaks, I still use my original recipe.

If you would like to learn more about how this balm is prepared or would like to make your own chest rub, please see my post-



Materials: rosemary, beeswax, Spruce sap, Pine sap, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Camphor, Fractionated Coconut Oil.

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Nina (Ashburn, US)
Great for congestion issues without being...

Great for congestion issues without being camphor heavy.

David Lawson
Highly recommended for coughs

I first used this when recovering from Covid, the cough from which was going on and on. It certainly helped and decreased the violence of the coughing.
I'm currently using it on a cough which it is clearing up rapidly.
Always keep some around for as and when needed.
It has a really pleasant "Clean" smell, in my opinion.
I am 76 so presumably in the Elderly category mentioned above

Laila Mclaughlin (Ashburn, US)
I'm so happy put to find the chest rub eve...

I'm so happy put to find the chest rub even from pine trees. Not hot like other salves.

Alison White (Ashburn, US)
Only thing that has helped with long COVID...

Only thing that has helped with long COVID hacking. Thank you, Thank, you, Thank you. 🙏

Giselle Mueller (Ashburn, US)
I haven't used the balm much yet, but I am...

I haven't used the balm much yet, but I am pleased with it so far. I did put some on my daughter to help with her coughing. Seller is very helpful, informative and communicative. I appreciate the time, care, and quality he puts into his products and I will buy more from him in the future.