Gum Guggul-Bdellium

Fresh Gum Guggul oleoresin. Commiphora wightii, Bdellium-India. Also called Commiphora mukul, Guggul

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Though used as incense, Gum Guggul is better known for its extensive use in Traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda and Unani systems, where among other things, it is used for weight loss.

Gum Gugul does not have a strong aroma, which is simply the material's nature. It has a sweeter and more neutral scent than Myrrh and scented Myrrh.

I have added this material to the shop because customers have requested it, and to round off the shop's Myrrh collection. The quality is good, but I have no idea how or exactly where it was collected (except that it is from India). Thus I cannot say whether it was harvested sustainably or fairly traded, which irks me a bit.

That said, I will have a shipment of Gum Guggul soon from Oman. The local tribes collect it, and the seller has a close connection and relationship with the harvesters.
I look forward to sharing more information about the new material with my customers when it is listed.

Along with Frankincense, Myrrh is probably one of the most well-known natural oleoresins in the world. Famous for its use since biblical times as medicine, fragrance and incense, Myrrh has long been valued for its many medicinal applications and has been, at times, worth its weight in gold.

The name Myrrh is rooted in The Aramaic word for bitter. Mar, Mor. It lives up to its name with a wonderfully rich, sweet, stimulating bitterness. Some associate this with the names Mary, Miriam, Mariam, and believe it to mean the bitter of the sea, the froth of the sea. (Sometimes associated with the Goddess Astarte, Ashtoreth). Either way, Myrrh is considered to be of a feminine nature, which is appropriate since Myrrh is ruled astrologically by the Moon and has an affinity with the fluid systems of our body. ( Frankincense is ruled by the Sun).

Materials: Fresh Myrrh resin, Gum Guggul, Commiphora mukul, Bdellium.

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Brenda (Ashburn, US)
Great seller & excellent natural incense p...

Great seller & excellent natural incense products. This was my first purchase & a multi product order. High quality incense, well packaged, & great aromatics. Fast/safe shipping. Overall good buying experience & highly recommend. Many Thanks!

Lex G (Ashburn, US)
Interesting new incense to me! I love tryi...

Interesting new incense to me! I love trying all the different resins and learning their unique and distinct aromas. I feel like an alchemist mixing all the different herbs, resins, barks and powders to create a unique experience each time. This is a fun little hobby and makes your home smell inviting. Great seller!

Casper (Ashburn, US)
Smells wonderful and was shipped with lots...

Smells wonderful and was shipped with lots of care.

Michael Zemlak (Ashburn, US)
I've been riding from Dan for a few years....

I've been riding from Dan for a few years. I'm always assured quality and the his knowledge is a most excellent value add.

John Pagac
W wonderfully fresh resin. Top quality

W wonderfully fresh resin. Top quality