Frankincense Frereana Hydrosol

I collected this Frankincense Frereana Hydrosol from my most recent small-batch distillation of the fresh resin. It has a beautiful and forthright Amber aroma.. 

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The aroma of Boswellia Frereana Hydrosol is a warm Amber highlighted by honey, spice and light musk notes. This is the sweetest smelling distillation of this resin and the aroma is duplicated in the Hydrosol. 

Hydrosols of Frankincense are popularly used in daily skincare regimes as cleansers, toners and a base for hydration and moisturizing products.

Hydrosols, called Hydrolats, can be used as personal perfumes, room and linen sprays and much more.


Perhaps the least known Frankincense type in the Western world but one of the most prized in Arabia and Africa, Boswellia Frereana is Native to the Somali Puntland and the Somaliland highlands; it is their pride and joy. In Somalia and neighbouring countries, it is called Maydi and is considered the King of Frankincenses.

Though Frankincense Frereana has a very different chemical composition than other types of Frankincense and contains no Boswellic acids, it is used traditionally as a medicine.

Boswellia Frereana is widely used as a high-end chewing gum for oral care. It is believed that the body benefits from these therapeutic actions by chewing the raw resin.

Maydi has been used in anti-ageing and rejuvenative cosmetic preparations and is believed to reduce wrinkles and add elasticity to mature skin.

Collected by traditional harvester clans and families in the mountains of the Somali Puntland from often precarious cliff-growing trees. It is brought down to the coastal plain on the backs of donkeys to be sorted, packaged and sold. It is frequently bought up quickly by the Coptic church as their signature incense, and traders from across the Red Sea who sell most of their product to Saudia Arabia and other Arabian countries as high-end chewing gum, cosmetic and incense material. Frankincense Frereana is so much in demand in these countries that the harvest is often pre-purchased a year in advance to guarantee supply.

Materials: Artisan distilled Hydrosol, Essential oil Distillate, Frankincense hydrosol, Pure Hydrosol, frankincense Frereana.

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High quality resins and hydrosols. Have or...

High quality resins and hydrosols. Have ordered many times and will continue to order from them.

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Still the best quality and service. I would recommend.

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Everything I use that comes from Dan's sho...

Everything I use that comes from Dan's shop is beautiful and effective, Frankincense Frereana-Hydrosol is no exception. Order processing and shipping were very fast.

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Excellent Hydrosol. Good fragrance, moistu...

Excellent Hydrosol. Good fragrance, moisturizing qualities. Fast Delivery!!! Recommend product and seller/

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I've been spraying this on my face after w...

I've been spraying this on my face after washing, and have noticed a glow that hasn't been present for awhile. I love it .