Kenyan Frankincense Essential Oil

Kenyan Frankincense Frankincense essential oil opens with Honey and spice layered on top of Conifers, caramel and citrus. As it dries down, black pepper and cardamom come to the forefront, and the sweetness recedes to yield a familiar amber Frankincense glow.

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All this unfolds on a backdrop of soft sensuous musk that is as much that of warm animal fur as of anything from a botanical source.

Kenyan Frankincense essential oil is small-batch and Artisan distilled from sustainably harvested Commiphora Confusa resin collected by the Samburu women of Northern Kenya

Though Kenyan Frankincense essential oil is distilled Commiphora Confusa, a resin of the Myrhh family and not that of Frankincense, the chemical and aromatic profile of C, Confusa is that of a Frankincense type and not a typical Myrrh. This has earned it the name "Kenyan Frankincense"

As a "Frankincense essential oil, it is one of, if not THE richest and most complex. Aromatically kenyan Frankincense essential oil is striking, rich, bold and sweet.

Kenyan Frankincense has only recently been identified and collected commercially. It is available nowhere else in the world and I am honoured to present it to my customers.

In the past, the resin of C. confusa was lumped together with that of Frankincense neglecta. Visually, they are quite similar. However, differentiating between these two disparate species not only brings us a unique and distinguished aromatic product, it gives the Samburu women a broader income base and a little more trading power to supplement their incomes.

The resin is sustainably harvested by groups of Samburu women in northern Kenya and distilled in small batches by an artisan distiller who has spent decades identifying and collecting the Frankincense and Myrrh species of East Africa.

This is pure essential oil. Nothing has been added or removed from it.

For more information about Commiphora Confusa, please see my post-here-


Materials: Commiphora Confusa, Dakkar essential oil, Essential Oil.

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Moustafa Kohler (Ashburn, US)
The best

The best

Stephanie Okuneva (Ashburn, US)
Such a lovely artisanal oil. Gorgeous smel...

Such a lovely artisanal oil. Gorgeous smell! This was my second purchase of this oil. 💚💚💚

Sally Parker (Ashburn, US)
This one is particularly lovely, if a scen...

This one is particularly lovely, if a scent alone could cheer you up, this is the one. Thank you

Kasia Hermann
Excellent quality as always. The package a...

Excellent quality as always. The package arrived before the review window opened - I am really amazed by the service.

Danielle Boutilier Mueller
Amazing in all ways! Definitely will be sh...

Amazing in all ways! Definitely will be shipping here again