Spruce Resin Moustache & Beard Wax

Spruce Resin Moustache Wax is a cooler weather moustache wax that is perfect for most facial hair when the temperature outdoors goes below 15 degrees Centigrade or 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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At this temperature, the Abyssinian Twirling Wax is simply too stiff to go on easily and even its fragrant Cocoa Butter content can't keep it from pulling hairs without a blowdryer.

Spruce Resin Moustache Wax has excellent hold taming both the wild first stages of a new moustache, and well-established and heavily styled whiskers.

The fragrance of the Lanolin, Spruce sap and Beeswax is sweet, warm, woody and softly masculine. The Lanolin is nourishing and moisturizing to both facial skin and hair, has a light and pleasant animalic muskiness to it, and adds an extra bit of hold and stickiness to that of the Spruce sap.
The Vanilla scent of the Cocoa Butter is heavenly and helps create a warm base note for the blend while reducing hair pulling.

Spruce Resin Moustache Waxpossesses the kind of fragrance others love to get close and intimate with.
It is neutral in colour and works well with all shades of whiskers.

I consider this more of a Northern or cool weather wax as compared to my Abyssinian Twirling Wax which has excellent summer hold.
Scrape or scoop a lentil sized amount out with a fingernail, (some people use the rim of the lid for this), and warm it, without rubbing, between fingers before applying. With bushier beards and moustaches, a comb could be used to spread the whiskers and separate hairs evenly.

If you would like to explore making your own mustache wax, please visit my website, http://apothecarysgarden.com/blog  where you will find an assortment of recipes for male grooming products you can explore and experiment with.


Materials: Spruce sap, Beeswax, Lanolin, Benzoin, Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, Soy Wax.

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Ignatius (Ashburn, US)
Really beautifully scented. Only need a l...

Really beautifully scented. Only need a little

Jeff (Ashburn, US)
I have bought this before, and I will buy...

I have bought this before, and I will buy this again. A delightfully natural and effective wax. Plus it smells fantastic. A real quality product.

Maurine (Ashburn, US)
I am confident to say that this seller is...

I am confident to say that this seller is of the HIGHEST CALIBER!
I thought I knew what a real, truly authentic tincture was….. I did not til I received my order from this seller! The items from this seller ‘speak' to every sense!
Truly the stuff of our ancestors!
If you want to get an understanding of just how amazing peoples of old were in harmony with, and understanding and benefitting from nature, purchase - and find out how smart your grands really were!
Well packaged and arrived speedily!
I'm now a loyal customer!

Cyril (Ashburn, US)
Smells nice, great delivery service

Smells nice, great delivery service

Damon (Ashburn, US)
The quality of the seller's products is gr...

The quality of the seller's products is great and fast shipping as well.