Musk Root Absolute

Musk Root Absolute for perfume and incense. Ferula Moschata, Sumbul. Made with Food-grade alcohol and no harsh solvents.

I am so pleased with the aroma, colour, consistency and overall beauty of this Musk Root absolute! The photos don't do it justice. Even the Sun had something lovely to say about this product as it created a unique mark of approval in the photos above.

Musk Root Absolute delivers all the rich nuances of Musk Root but in a concentrated manner. Very little is needed to fix a perfume. It works in much the same way as the animalic extracts in the shop, by adding dimension and longevity with the addition of a disproportionally small amount to a blend.

I have searched far and wide for many years trying to source this classic ingredient.

Also called Sumbul, Sumbal and Ferula Sumbul, Musk root was used in the 1800's by the Russians as a botanical replacement for Deer Musk.

Not only does it have a deer Musk heart note, but it acts like a traditional animalic. Musk Root Absolute is an excellent fixative in perfumes lending tenacity and longevity to fleeting top notes. Not only this, but Musk Root pulls together an aromatic composition, enlivens it and adds a whole other dimension to perfumes, in much the same way as the traditional Animalics in the shop.

Even sitting in a closed bag in the studio, the aroma of the dried slabs of Musk Root escapes and marries with the other aromatics nearby, creating beautiful and unintentional transitory compositions for the errant nose!.

This aromatic has great potential in both perfumery and Incense-making. It has been used in traditional/religious incense blends in Persia and India and is used in traditional medicine.

Musk Root contains about 9% aromatic resin and 3% essential oil. The resin portion may be a contributing factor to its unique fixative properties. The alcohol extraction method preserves the aromatic resins and their aroma.

Musk Root Absolute is pourable. However, with time it will thicken and require warmth or the addition of alcohol to claim it all from the bottle.


Materials: Ferula Moschata, Alcohol, Musk Root Absolute.

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Loren (Ashburn, US)
will be buying from this seller again!

will be buying from this seller again!

Kathleen (Ashburn, US)
Food food food go good

Food food food go good

Melvina (Ashburn, US)
Very interesting material. Can't wait to t...

Very interesting material. Can't wait to try it in some compositions.

Jewell (Ashburn, US)
This musk root absolute is amazing! A few...

This musk root absolute is amazing! A few drops is all it takes. High quality.

Aromatic Parfums (Wrentham, US)
Beautiful and tenacious

This has a lovely cedar wood like opening, and it dries down to a complex musk this is very interesting material! High quality absolute as a