Musk Root Essential oil-Rare!!

Rare!!-Musk Root essential oil has herbaceous powdery green and sweet golden notes; I can almost smell the dry limestone hills, the last of the wildflowers, and Musk root seeds rattling on tall stalks in the autumn wind.

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Musk Root essential oil is beautifully intense and conveys the unique character, and dry musk notes that only Musk Root has.

Also called Sumbul, Sumbal and Ferula Sumbul, Musk root was used in the 1800s by the Russians as a botanical replacement for Deer Musk.

Not only is Musk Root essential oil is a fixative in perfumes, lending tenacity and longevity to fleeting top notes, but it pulls together an aromatic composition, enlivens it and adds a whole other dimension to perfumes in much the same way as the traditional Animalics in the shop.

This distillation was done with the resin collected from the plant's roots, which has more of an earthy aroma than the resin collected from the stems.

This collection method is sustainable and does not harm the plants or reduce the plant population in the wild.

In the fall, after the plant has released its seeds, the roots are carefully exposed to the air. The top layer is scraped in 1-inch patches. The harvesters return after a week or two and collect the fresh resin that has accumulated on the wound. It is put in small containers and taken to a central location where all the small batches of resin are combined in larger containers before being shipped to the big cities and sold to suppliers.

Energetically, the Ferula family is ruled by the wind and Mercury.

Musk Root is still an incense and traditional medicine ingredient in the East.

This is the essential oil of Musk Root, Ferula Sumbul/Ferula Moschata from Afghanistan, distilled in-house in September 2023.



Materials: Ferula Moschata, Musk Root essential oil, Ferula Sumbul.

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Marilou (Ashburn, US)
Highly aromatic upon opening similar to ro...

Highly aromatic upon opening similar to rosemary or cardamom seeds. Quickly dries down to an organic forest floor of herb roots and pine like. Lovely and unique. Absorbs quickly on the skin and the taste is pungent and earthy. This is how my corona virus damaged nose and tongue receives this distillation. I am trying very hard to retrain my nose to get back what was virally damaged. I hope this description is accurate, not distorted. Arrived quickly and protected from breakage.