Muskrat musk gland paste

Muskrat musk gland paste is a pure blend of Muskrat musk glands, with alcohol and salt as preservatives. 

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I use Muskrat Musk gland Paste is  to prepare the alcohol tincture of Muskrat musk in the shop. It is a beautiful ingredient for perfume use and may benefit incense makers.

It is one of my favourite aromatic extracts and I never cease to sigh in gratitude and revel at its beauty each and every time I smell it.
An oil-based perfume musk can be created from the alcohol tincture, however, one needs to make sure all fats are removed prior to an oil maceration.

To prepare a perfume, (or incense), tincture from  Muskrat Musk gland paste, take 1 part Muskrat gland paste and blend with 5-10 parts alcohol @ 95%. ( I often use a ratio of 1:5 for a stronger tincture, but 1;10 can work equally well though a bit lighter in strength).
Let macerate in a warmish spot for 4-6 weeks, filter through paper and your natural Musk tincture will be ready to use.

Like Civet or Ambergris tincture, Muskrat Musk tincture can transform a perfume blend in ways that an essential oil simply can't. These animalic extracts add an extra dimension, a spark, and extra facet to blends that is often difficult, (for me), to describe. Muskrat tincture also acts as a fixative in aromatic blends, helping to anchor more fleeting notes and extend their longevity.

The fragrance of Muskrat Musk has been eloquently described by one of my customers as follows, " It is slightly sweet, mellow, floral, ambiguous, oscillating between urine/fecal side and cashmeran-y soft almost wool-like scent, exactly how a musk should be".

Animal musk has been a vital part of perfumery for centuries. it is used to add sensuous animalic and arousing aphrodisiac elements in our creations. Many musks are considered base notes and fixatives in perfumes. They transform botanical perfumes, add extra dimension and a sense of "Down and dirty" or "Sweet and sultry" and often an extra heart-skip.

There are a number of animals around the world that produce similar musk fragrance compounds.
Among them, the Musk Deer, Musk crocodile, the musk ox, the musk duck and of course, the Musk Rat.

These animals were trapped for their fur and much of this material goes to waste.

"The Musk Rat or Ondatra zibethicus in Latin is native to North America. Its specific name zibethicus means ‘musky’, being the adjective of zibethus ‘civet musk; civet’, or Civet-like in Latin. The genus name comes from the Huron word for the animal, ondathra, and entered New Latin as Ondatra via French".(Wikipedia).

Musk Rat Musk lends a soft warm animalic note to perfumes. It is a wonderful addition to floral, Fougere and other perfume blends.

Musk Rat Musk adds an extra dimension to perfume blends and enlivens them. Though a high % of Musk Rat Musk tincture can be used in a perfume blend, even a small amount will impact a composition.

Should we use animal products in our food, cosmetics and aromatic materials? I have found there is no universal answer that suits us all.

I believe that only by engaging and cultivating our own intimate and personal relationship with Nature, can we plot our own path and divine our own code of ethics. Only then can we be responsible and responsive to Nature's needs, true to ourselves, and make informed choices that ultimately affect us all globally.



Materials: Muskrat musk glands paste, Muskrat musk, Alcohol, Salt.

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Packaging and shipping is very good. Received product as advertised.

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So fun to play with these scents!

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Always a pleasure to receive a package from Apothecary's Garden!

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Dan is very helpful! My first tincture went well! High quality muskrat musk!