Myrrh Powder-APOTHECARY GRADE-Prepared in-house-Commiphora Myrrha. For making tinctures, oils, tooth powders and incense blends.

I believe that high-quality products can only be created from high-quality ingredients.

To this end I produced this powder of Myrrh using the finest fresh Suhul Myrrh resin in my collection. I ground, dried and sifted it 4 times! It is so fine, it moves like a liquid. This is the material I use to prepare my tinctures, extracts and personal tooth powder blend.

If I want it done right, I have found it is best to do it myself. When bringing in powdered resins from suppliers, I never know if there are added fillers, sub-standard materials or unsellable dust and debris from the bottom of the bag. Even my best and most trustworthy suppliers do not always know the history or contents of the powders they sell. For this reason, I always prefer to powder my own resins. Though this material costs more than commercial powdered Myrrh, you are assured it is the very best quality that can be acquired. In fact, (if I may pat myself on the back), I believe there is no finer Myrrh powder on the market.

If you would like a more affordable Myrrh powder, please see the Gold Standard Myrrh powder in the shop. It is considered high quality relative to other powders on the market. The main difference is that I did not personally grind it and labour over it, and I cannot account for the quality of the Myrrh in it. That being said, it is the go-to product for mainstream Pharmaceutical and herbal companies.

I have found that when preparing Myrrh products, I get the best results when I use a finely ground powder. But to make a suitable powder from fresh resin is a long and labour-intensive process. This extra-fine powder will save hours of work. Fresh Myrrh contains a lot of hidden moisture. As soon as it is ground, it solidifies again and must be thoroughly dried before it can be ground finer. In fact, it must be aired out and dried with each increasingly fine grind. The drying process is done at room temperature and can take up to a week before it is ready for the next grinding.

Along with Frankincense, Myrrh is one of the most well-known natural oleoresins in the world. Famous for its use since biblical times as a medicine, fragrance and incense, Myrrh has long been valued for its many medicinal applications and has been at times, worth its weight in gold.

One of the most precious commodities in the ancient world, this powerful oleoresin has kept its value as a component in perfumes and incense, while medicinally, it is still unsurpassed as a “heal-all” for oral care. I am not allowed to write about Myrrh's medicinal qualities here. However, a short Google search is guaranteed to be very rewarding and informative.

The name Myrrh is rooted in The Aramaic word for bitter. Mar, Mor. It lives up to its name with a wonderfully rich, stimulating, and palatable bitterness. Some associate this with the names Mary, (Mar-Yam), Miriam, Mariam, and believe it to mean the bitter of the sea, froth of the sea. Also the name of the Goddess Aphrodite which is said to mean "risen from the froth of the sea".

Myrrh is ruled Astrologically by the Moon and the sign of Cancer, considered to be feminine in nature, and has an affinity with water, ebb and flow and especially the fluid systems of our body.

In Some Somali Harvesting communities, Myrrh is harvested exclusively by the women of the clan. Frankincense is managed and performed only by men.

Myrrh is a traditional and indispensable ingredient in many tooth powders. My favourite is From Herbalist Rosalee de la Foret and consists of 1 tablespoon powdered Myrrh, 2 Tablespoons Cinnamon powder and 2 teaspoons Licorice root powder. 1 Tablespoon Myrrh powder is about 10 Grams or 1/3 of an ounce.

For instructions on preparing your own tincture of Myrrh, please visit-


Materials: Myrrh Powder, Commiphora Myrrha, Myrrh, Suhul Myrrh.

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Kristofer (Ashburn, US)
It's exactly what I ordered.

It's exactly what I ordered.

I add this to Frankincense for ingestion these days.

I do this as advised by Dan and I usually add around 15%. I think this is mentioned on this site, it certainly was on the old one. You must check this out thoroughly, as I did with Dan, before doing this.
I also add myrrh tincture to Oleo extracts in the same proportions. The Frankincense Rose Serum, on this site, is an example of mixing these two compounds.
I have found everything I have bought from this site over the years to be of exceptional quality and the fact they are ethically sourced is of tremendous importance to me.

Lela (Ashburn, US)
Well packaged and excellent quality

Well packaged and excellent quality

Milton (Ashburn, US)
A very well made powder, it has an even co...

A very well made powder, it has an even consistency. The consistency is closer to ash than sand. I would also speculate that care was taken not to overheat it during the grinding process based solely on how amazing it smells.

Thurman (Ashburn, US)
5 star product and seller

5 star product and seller