Myrrh Tincture

Myrrh Tincture-Commiphora Myrrha-1:4 @ 76% alcohol. An Astrodynamic preparation.

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I have found nothing as reliably effective for healing my own oral distress than Myrrh tincture.

Myrrh and Myrrh tincture are renown around the world as a traditional remedies for treating very long list of oral issues since time immemorial.

Traditionally 10 drops of Myrrh tincture are added to a half cup of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt yielding a "batch" of mouthwash that serves 5-10 therapeutic uses. 20 drops is the average per Milliliter

This means a 10 Ml. Bottle of Myrrh tincture makes-20 batches of mouthwash or 100 individual 1-minute "swooshing" treatments. 

To make Myrrh tincture, I used a strong, undiluted 76% alcohol, (Spirytus Vodka). The higher alcohol content pulls more of the oleoresin and less of the water-soluble gum portion from the Myrrh.

This is an "Astrodynamic" tincture, made according to tenets and methods of traditional Plant Alchemy and Medical Astrology. In my experience, this system yields products that have better colour and fragrance, increased shelf life and efficacy. I am very pleased with it.

Myrrh has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.
Swoosh in your mouth over gums and teeth as many times as you can or need per day. Spit it out when done. If you have some Myrrh mouthwash leftover at the end of the day you can keep it in the fridge overnight.

Stored in a cool dark place, this tincture will last and keep its potency for many years.

It is a must in every first aid and medicine cabinet for the whole family.

Tincture of Myrrh is something you will always be happy you had on hand when tooth, mouth, throat and gum issues strike as they inevitably do.




Materials: Commiphora Myrrha, Alcohol, Distilled water, Moonlight.

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Felicita (Ashburn, US)
Excited to try this. Hoping to purchase m...

Excited to try this. Hoping to purchase more for other family members it may help. I have been very impressed with the quality from this shop.

Ralph Mayotte (New York, US)
Rapid oral relief

Using two types of myrrh and one of frankincense in an everclear maceration of about eight weeks, I went from painful, unknown sores in my mouth, with cracked corners, to completely healed after less than a week of thrice daily swishing and gargling. Of course, the resins were bought from Dan. Wonderful to have you in the world, sir! Thank you.

Ole (Ashburn, US)
As good as it gets from mix to delivery Hi...

As good as it gets from mix to delivery High pure quality

Marge (Ashburn, US)
Tincture is well made and potent

Tincture is well made and potent

Hilary Swift (Ashburn, US)
I keep buying this for others and it was t...

I keep buying this for others and it was time to get some for myself! Superb quality, thank you so much!