Northern Allure Wax

Northern Allure Wax, (Moustache & Beard Wax), is made almost entirely from our Northern forest ingredients, including the aphrodisiacs Castor and muskrat musks.

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My partner describes the fragrance of Northern Allure Wax as masculine, sexy and aphrodisiac. I have to agree.

It has a soft, deep masculine aroma with a warm and understated musk that blends easily with one's own body scent, lending it a comforting and inviting aroma.

The fragrance is of the forest. Not of one particular tree or resident, but of the presence, the timeless intelligence that is the forest.

Northern Allure Wax has one of those scents that will keep us and others coming back for another inhalation. It can easily be used as a solid perfume by rubbing the fingers in the wax and applying it to wrists, neck and even to hair or scalp for an enchanting aroma.

With a resin base of fresh spruce sap, this wax has a perming effect on hair.
It has just enough tack to tame stray hairs and "frame" a beard giving it the desired silhouette.
It blends easily with beard oils and keeps its fragrance long into the day.

Northern Allure Wax helps highlight a beard's natural waves, ripples and colour variations while shaping it to your preference.

After working the wax into the hair, one can style with a brush or one's fingers and leave it for the day. Once it is washed out with warm water and mild soap the hair is "set" and requires very little wax to maintain its new shape. This also means the hair looks naturally contoured and not stiff from wax.

Used sparingly it creates a look that is natural and not held in place with a heavy layer of wax. If you feel you have applied too much in one spot, a dab of beard oil combed through will help blend and disperse it evenly.

With a perfect balance of Lanolin, Castor oil and Vitamin E., Northern Allure Wax softens, nourishes and protects facial hair with each application.

Tree resins have a secret power the ancients knew well and used to their advantage. Resins such as Frankincense, Pine and Spruce have the ability to gently and naturally "Perm" our hair, requiring very little product to maintain the style and shape of facial hair.

For more information on making your own beard and moustache products please visit my blog @

Materials: Lanolin, Fresh Beeswax, Vitamin E, Frankincense, Castor Oil, Spruce Sap, Castoroleum, Muskrat Musk, Oak Moss Absolute.

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Gabe (Ashburn, US)
Love the scent on this moustache wax.

Love the scent on this moustache wax.

Jacques Feest (Ashburn, US)
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This review has no content.

Ali A (Ashburn, US)
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Ian Gaylord (Ashburn, US)
Smells fantastic. I have been satisfied wi...

Smells fantastic. I have been satisfied with all of my purchases.

Eric Runte (Ashburn, US)
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