Norway Spruce Essential Oil

This batch of Norway Spruce essential oil has a sweet, warm and almost buttery smoothness to it. It reminds me of walking through the forest on a cold winter day when all the sounds are muffled and silenced by a thick blanket of snow. That magical silence where only the aromatic song of the trees is heard.

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Norway Spruce Essential Oil essential oil is distilled from the resin of the tree and not from the needles as most other conifer essential oils. I find that distilling the tree's resin instead of the needles gives a richer, deeper and more complex smelling essential oil.

Regrettably, when distilling this batch of Norway Spruce Essential Oil, the resin yielded such a small quantity of essential oil, that I simply cannot provide the larger bottle sizes and it is only available in a limited number of 1, 5 and 10 Millilitre bottles while they last.

Picea Abies, also known as European Spruce and Norway Spruce, is a mainstay of traditional medicine in ancient and modern Northern Europe.

An artisan in Lithuania sustainably harvests this resin. Someone with a reverent and respectful relationship with the trees and the land, (the kind of people I love to support). The trees are harmed in no way and offer up their resin as a gift. It is painstakingly sorted and truly beautiful quality material. This is a fragrant healing expression of nature, harvested in small quantities, painstakingly sorted and will never be available as a large volume or wholesale item.

Traditionally, a salve prepared from the resin of Norway Spruce with animal or vegetable fat/oil is used to treat wounds, ulcers and other skin issues. You will find many modern studies online examining this ancient medicine's efficacy.

On my blog-, ( In the drop-down menus at the top of the page), you will find recipes for moustache waxes and various healing salves and balms using fresh Pine, Fir or Spruce sap. You will also find instructions for building your own still and how to distill essential oils from resins.


Materials: Picea Abies, Norway Spruce, Norway Spruce Essential Oil.

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Delphine (Ashburn, US)
Thanks for selling this essential oil! It'...

Thanks for selling this essential oil! It's tough to find this essential oil from the resin!

Laurie (Ashburn, US)
Thank you I love everything in my order

Thank you I love everything in my order

Manuel (Ashburn, US)
Sehr feiner Waldduft der für meine Nase sc...

Sehr feiner Waldduft der für meine Nase schnell ausklingt.
Eher süß und holzig/harzig als koniferig, fein eben.

S.B. (Ashburn, US)
Arrived on time. Haven't used it yet.

Arrived on time. Haven't used it yet.

Jenni Lang (Ashburn, US)
This is a total gem, very ancient smelling...

This is a total gem, very ancient smelling. Gorgeous.