Opoponax essential oil

While Myrhh is often a bitter, thick and dark essential oil with a scent that somehow conveys its potent bitterness, Sweet Myrrh, or Opoponax essential oil is clear and light with sharp sweet fragrance.

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With an Uplifting scent, Opoponax, or "Sweet Myrrh", essential oil is indeed sweet, but also sharp and crisp with a woody, balsam-like scent, a robust body and an uplifting zest.

Opoponax blends well with scents from the Citrus family such as Neroli, Petitgrain, Orange and Tangerine. It is complemented by spice oils like Nutmeg, cloves, pepper white, black and green and lends a nice sharpness to "sweet" oils like Ylang Ylang.

This beautiful oil lifts base resinous oils like labdanum and Benzoin, and adds a special twist to Spruce, Pine and Fir oils. Sounds like a hard working oil!. As you can tell, in my opinion, there are not many scents Opoponax does not play well with or compliment.

Medicinally Opoponax essential oil is useful for oily skin and works well alongside Pettigrain or Rosemary essential oils when it comes to stimulating blood flow in the scalp, dealing with oily hair, acne, and oily skin. Always use diluted.

This particular batch of Opoponax is harvested locally in Ethiopia and distilled in small batches in Addis Ababa Ethiopia by an Artisan distiller.

Opoponax essential oil easily proves that many oleoresin distilled oils develop and mature with age. After as little as a year of sitting in a 10 Ml. bottle, my Opoponax essential oil blossomed with rich, deep balsamic notes and a smooth softness not present in the freshly distilled oil.

Materials: steam dist oils, Natural ess oils, Pure oil of Myrrh, Opoponax oil.

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Tiner Jacobson (Ashburn, US)
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Daniel Franecki (Ashburn, US)
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Molly Sauer (Ashburn, US)
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Olivia Gaylord
My setup in photo includes cheap (nontoxic...

My setup in photo includes cheap (nontoxic) lantern by JHY Design, cheap electric lighter (Walmart.com,) metal candle snuffer & the most A-MAZING beeswax tea lights from Serenibee Candle (www.serenibeecandle.com). Tea light burner & snuffer from Etsy's Temple Living.

I got accessories to burn the WORLD'S BEST frankincense, myrrh, benzoin from Apothicary's Garden! Burning on a tea light is a million times better than on toxic coal discs! No smoke, soot, or waste! Be sure & trim wicks down each time you light & open the lantern door 4 a slow, rich burn.

I love this tea light burner with easy to clean screen. Just pop it upside down & scrape the burned bits with metal. Next best thing to a $400 electric burner. Great 4 PTSD, anxiety, insomnia & meditation. Crush resin 2 burn.

Excellent customer service for exchanges/returns!

Stephanie Oberbrunner
I've been diffusing my last purchase of th...

I've been diffusing my last purchase of this oil with ylang-ylang and it's such a beautiful blend.

I bought the last bottle a couple of years ago or so and the scent has matured beautifully.

I'm saving this new bottle and looking forward to how it will smell later. It is like aged fine wine🍷but with resinous essential oils from Dan.