Puxuri-Brazilian Nutmeg

Puxuri, also called Brazilian Nutmeg is a sweet and spicey seed reminiscent of Nutmeg, cloves, rootbeer and cardamom.

Puxuri, also called Pixuri these are the fragrant seeds of the Licaria puchury tree, which grows in the Amazon forest.

Puxuri seeds are used in traditional Amazonian dishes and modern perfumery. They have also found use in modern Gourmand dishes where they are grated like nutmeg and added in similar amounts as nutmeg.

Though I haven't tried burning them, they should be as valuable in incense blends.

They are easy to powder in a regular coffee grinder if larger quantities are needed.

To use Puxuri seeds in perfume, I suggest making a perfume tincture in 95% alcohol. Grind them fine and blend them at 1 part seeds to 3 parts alcohol. Leave the maceration in a sealed jar in a warm place for at least six weeks before filtering through paper.

If one desires, the alcohol from the tincture can be evaporated in a shallow bowl covered with a cloth to keep out the ambient dust. Placed on top of a refrigerator or another location that offers warmth and air circulation, the alcohol will evaporate slowly without losing too many aromatic molecules.

Locally, Puxuri seeds are treated like Nutmeg and grated into savoury and sweet dishes.
A small amount of Puxuri can be grated into chocolate, stews, soups, ice cream and many other dishes.
I recently added Puxuri seed powder to a batch of corned beef with excellent results.

The seeds are collected sustainably from the ground where they fall, and the trees are not harmed or disturbed in the process.

The leaves of the Puxuri tree are used in traditional Rape Snuff.

Please remember that just like Nutmeg, Puxuri seeds can be toxic in large amounts.
The Rootbeer odour is due to the presence of Safrole in the seeds and indicates one should use them in moderation since high doses of Safrole are thought to be carcinogenic.



Materials: Puxuri, Licaria puchury, Puxuri Seeds.

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