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Frankincense Royal Green Hojari Resin Extract

I collect, dry and powder the Frankincense Royal Green Hojari Resin Extract after I distill the essential oil. Devoid of water-soluble gum, it dissolves easily in warm carrier oils, waxes and alcohol.

The resin extract adds a soft fragrance to cremes, salves and medicated oil and releases a lovely rich fragrance as solo incense material in incense blends.

Most Frankincense types will not blend homogeneously with oils and waxes in their natural form as an oleo-gum resin.
However, when all water-soluble gum is removed, they dissolve quickly in warm vegetable oils and waxes, becoming a perfect base for making Frankincense oils, salves and cremes.

Separated from its gum using water and no harsh solvents, Frankincense Royal Green Hojari Resin Extract is a pure resin composed mainly of pentacyclic and tetracyclic triterpenes, including the alpha and beta Boswellic acids.

These triterpenes and other valuable compounds are not naturally found in the essential oils of Frankincense or the water-soluble gum portion. They are too heavy to come over in hydro or steam distillation and are exclusively found in the resin and resin extract.

Frankincense has been used in Ayurvedic, Unani, and Traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Frankincense Royal Green Hojari Resin Extract makes a clean-burning, fragrant incense material that can be used alone or with other aromatics. Devoid of water-soluble gum, it melts completely and burns cleanly with no charring.

Medicated oils can be blended at a 1:3 to 1:5 ratio, yielding approximately 3-5 ounces of medicated oil from a one-ounce package.

It has a beautiful texture in salves and cremes, feels lovely on the skin, and has the fragrance profile of fresh resin. (Though not as intense).

It can be used in moustache waxes and beard balms to add firmness, tenacity (fragrance), and the effects of a day-long perm. For more information, see my recipe.-

For more recipes and instructions on using the different kinds of Frankincense for medicine, incense, cosmetics and perfume please drop by my blog- or

For external use only.


Materials: Boswellia extract, resin, Boswellic acids, Beta Boswellic acids, AKBA, Salve base, Royal Green Hojari Frankincense.

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Starla Wilcox (Nampa, US)
Frankincense is saving my life! Dan is helping!!!

First of all, there is absolutely no way that I can express how thankful I am to Dan and for his expertise. What this guy has done for me has been so far above and beyond that I’m afraid to even tell you because I’m afraid you’ll expect it of him too. I have stage four breast cancer. I have fought cancer, Mekanoma that went to my lymph nodes in 2008 and breast cancer since 2016 for 18 years. I’m trying to avoid chemo and really toxic things. The only way that I’ve been able to do this is applying Frankincense’s topically and taking it orally. I can assure you from past experience but if I hadn’t found Frankincense, I would not be alive right now. Breast cancer practically destroyed my life. Actually both cancers practically destroyed my life in almost every way you can think of. The financial toll was catastrophic. I so wish I had known about Frankincense many many years ago. It’s heartbreaking and maddening that frankincense and many other Essential Oils ate not being studied more and used in conventional medicine. If you read Dan’s blogs here, you will start to understand how serious he is about these products. I totally trust that everything that you buy here is going to be pure and of the highest quality. I think I’d be willing to stay practically everything I’ve got left on that. I trust this guy and I think you can too.