Sandalwood Powder-BEAD WASTE! Mysore Quality-Santalum Album, Indonesia-A Classic aroma with an extra layer of sustainability.

This Mysore Quality Bead waste is collected from a small Artisan bead-making workshop in Indonesia. It smells fantastic!! And it costs less than the Mysore quality Sandalwood powder! I love it for its aroma and also for that extra layer of sustainability. 

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Customers LOVE the samples I've sent them, and I apologize for taking so long to list them in the shop! So, here it is.
Though this Sandalwood is collected in Indonesia, the unmistakable fragrance of Indian Mysore Sandalwood greets you immediately upon opening the pouch.

Premium quality, buttery and distinguished, and high in essential oil, this powder is perfect for incense, body powders, dry perfume blends and perfume tinctures.

Unique Mysore Sandalwood aroma. Collected from heartwood only. Santalum Album-White Sandalwood.

Compared to our Balloondust Sandalwood powder, the Mysore type is more lively and robust, while the Balloondust grade is more sophisticated and gentle. Both are gorgeous.

Since overharvesting decimated their sandalwood tree population, India has not allowed the export of the remaining sandalwood tree products and has retained the remainder of the harvest for local use. Planting of new Sandalwood trees in India has commenced, but it will be a few more years before the trees reach the age where they can be harvested and their products exported.

Recently it was discovered that areas in Indonesia share the same climate and soil qualities as Mysore India, and they are hosts to the same species and sub-species of Santalum Album (White Sandalwood), which India is famous for.

The quality of the Indonesian Sandalwood, from its aromatic profile and chemical analysis, shows it to be identical to the finest Indian Sandalwood.

Having learned from our mistake of over-harvesting Indian Sandalwood faster than it could be grown, Indonesia imposes strict regulations and laws around the harvest of their Sandalwood trees.

There are a lot of fake and adulterated Sandalwood products on the market, and I have finally found the real deal. Authentic, pure, sustainable and ethically collected.


Materials: Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Sandalwood Powder, Santalum Album, Mysore Sandalwood, Bead Waste Sandalwood, Sustainable Sandalwood.

Customer Reviews

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Hertha (Ashburn, US)
This sandalwood smells so amazing!

This sandalwood smells so amazing!

Adella (Ashburn, US)
Lovely scent of sandalwood and recycled to...

Lovely scent of sandalwood and recycled too! THX!

C.P. (Ashburn, US)
This is quality sandalwood powder and so f...

This is quality sandalwood powder and so fragrant.

Fae (Ashburn, US)
Smells amazing, love this shop

Smells amazing, love this shop

Ian Reynolds (Ottawa, CA)
Beautiful Sandalwood

The best sandalwood powder
at the best price Ive ever encountered. Truley lovely.
Thankyou Dan for making this available for us.