Black Storax resin-Liquidambar orientalis

Black Storax resin has a heavenly Amber type aroma that is Balsamic, warm, sweet and spicy. It is both comforting and inspiring, warm and inviting. It is one of those fragrances you want to return to smell over and over again...Its Latin name is Liquidambar, and for good reason.

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 In some spheres, it is thought that Storax-Liquidambar is the Stacte or "Nataf" of the Old Testament and one of the ingredients in the Holy Temple incense-Ketoreth

 I have seen abundant fakes and forgeries sold as Storax over the years. Strips of scented bark, charcoal impregnated with a synthetic aroma and other fakes, forgeries and adulterations of this classic and difficult-to-source material. This is the real deal—The pure resin from the Black Storax, AKA Turkish Storax tree, Liquidambar Orientalis.

 Brittle and breaking like glass or obsidian, Storax resin is easy to grind in the mortar, the powder is gorgeous in Amber accords and it blends beautifully with many other aromatics, including florals.

 I love to heat up a small amount of Storax on my electric burner and slowly raise the temperature throughout the day. Only a small amount is needed to fill the house with a lovely aroma.

 Storax resin dissolves easily in warm oils and waxes, making it ideal for preparing solid perfumes, balms, salves and more. It also dissolves in alcohol and can be used to prepare perfume tinctures, incense papers or as a dip for blank incense sticks.

 Liquidambar orientalis trees are grown for their resin, leaves, bark, fruit and wood. No wild trees are harmed in the resin collection.


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Noemie (Ashburn, US)
Comparing to liquid black storax, Black St...

Comparing to liquid black storax, Black Storax resins works better in practice.

Arielle (Ashburn, US)
Wow!!!! If you are contemplating an order...

Wow!!!! If you are contemplating an order from ApothecarysGarden, the answer is yes!!! Do it. You will be amazed!!!

Jace (Ashburn, US)
I've been buying resins from Apothecary's...

I've been buying resins from Apothecary's Garden for my magickal practice and they are always of high quality. Fast shipping and great customer service. Everything arrives well packaged. I will continue to buy resins from this shop. I can't wait for my next order.

Ana Maria Ionescu (Constanța, RO)
Beautiful nourishing aroma

It was the first time when I met this resin, when you've send me a sample with my previous order. I was fascinated by the sweet floral aroma, I used it along with Frankincense to nourish the energy after cleansing. Thank you!