Vietnam Elemi resin-Canarium Album-For Incense-Perfume and Skincare

Vietnam Elemi AKA Canarium Album or "White" Elemi, is a wonderfully fragrant natural oleoresin for perfume, incense, aromatic/medicated salves, oils and cremes.

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Traditionally harvested in the wild tropical jungles of Vietnam and Thailand, the fruit of the tree is edible and the seeds are high in fatty acids. The resin of Canarium album is collected after cutting the bark and used as incense for ceremonial and domestic purposes. The fragrant resin is anti-parasitic and, when blended with fats and oils, acts as an emollient (Soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin) and is used to treat skin infections such as eczema, prickly heat and skin rashes. All the resins of the Elemi family are considered skin-nourishing and rejuvenating.

White Elemi presents an aromatic profile similar in character to Manilla Elemi and Madagascar Elemi but with less citrus and more earthy heart notes. The essential oil and extracts of White Elemi are used as fixative in incense and perfume blends

As incense on the coal, White Elemi makes a sweet and uplifting incense and, when dissolved in warm oils, creates a (distractingly), sensuous and skin-healing massage oil.

Since Vietnam Elemi resin is collected by scraping the resin off the bark, you will find bits of leaf and bark in the resin. These are easily removed in the filtering process after the material has been dissolved in alcohol or warm oils. ( I run the oil or tincture through a metal-mesh coffee filter).

White Elemi is a pure oleoresin that pools and burns clean on the charcoal. Make sure to only use a small dab on the charcoal. Too much resin will extinguish your coal. You can use Vietnamese Elemi resin on a tea light or electric burner, but line it with foil or use a metal cupcake form.
Vietnam Elemi resin can be used as a binder when preparing incense pellets and pastilles. After the pastilles are formed, I like to dust them with either Benzoin, Sandalwood or Agarwood powder

Vietnam Elemi resin will dissolve easily in warm oils, waxes and fats for producing candles, medicinal and cosmetic products. You can find instructions for making an oil infusion/extract of Elemi here-

We package this semi-liquid resin in jars. Oil or alcohol can be added directly, and the resin can be blended in the jar so you do not lose a substantial amount.


Materials: Elemi resin, Canarium Album, White Elemi, Vietnamese Elemi.

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What an incredible offering you have! I am utterly excited every time to receive your goods, this Elemi is deeply beautiful!

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Excellent Elemi well packed as described very fragrant. Pleased to have it.