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Frankincense has been used for medicine, perfume and beauty for hundreds if not thousands of years. Cosmetically Frankincense is considered an effective anti-aging, wrinkle reducing component in face cremes and believed to add elasticity to the skin. It has proven anti-inflammatory properties which have cosmetic applications and helps tighten and tone the skin. Besides theseĀ uses, […]

Frankincense oleo-resin extracted from Boswellia Neglecta.

Though we rely heavily on essential oils to deliver the therapeutic properties of plants in our medicine and cosmetics, many of Frankincense’s therapeutic properties reside in the resin portion of these oleo-resins and are not available to us through steam or hydro distilled essential oils. Here is how to to utilize their full healing potential.

Castor, Musk, Castoreum, Beaver Castors,

Castoreum has a deep, rich, tenacious, leathery, woody scent,often with smoky undertones and hints of forest trees and plants. Castoreum is used as a fixative and a base to middle note in “Masculine”, Oriental, Chypre type perfumes, and in leather accords which it can generate almost single-handedly.